4 Useful Tips to Gain Success in Xcom 2

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games for xbox seriesXcom 2 is one of the best hardcore tactics games. The turn-based strategy game, besides lofty production values, bundles together a superb range of abilities and mechanics to form an interlocked system of highly polished goodness. Here are a few tips to help you out to gain success in this tactically deep game.

Have a Diverse Squad to Gain Success

You might be easily tempted to have 6 Grenadier characters while playing one of the most amazing games for Xbox series. However, it’s not practical and you are left lacking in other categories. There are 5 classes in total, therefore to maximize the effectiveness of your team, you should get one from each class. Then for the sixth slot, you can choose whichever extra character class of your choice.

Make Wise Use of Concealment

The stealth mechanic, Concealment, enables you to set up all kinds of traps on your enemies. However, don’t be under the impression that finding just one group means you must go after them. If you can, scout round until you find several sets of enemies and trap all of them t once. You can find no better way to start a mission than by killing 5-6 liens at once.

However, it’s not necessary for you to kill enemies during concealment. If your mission is time sensitive, make use of this precious stealth to get as near your objective as you can. With the right positioning and equipment, it’s absolutely possible to distract aliens while you grab an objective then Evac out.

Weapon Mods are Life-Saving

Although they may seem weak to you, Weapon Mods are some of the most excellent items in the game. The stats appear low initially, making them look less than perfect, but are certainly worth it.

Laser Sights are wonderful on the Ranger because they boost Critical Chance depending on how close you are to the target. Larger magazines work well on the Ranger and any other class that you know will be firing many times a round. Scopes are an official one, since having more precision is anytime good. Still better, as you unlock new weapons, you’ll get extra slots, enabling you to equip two modes simultaneously. Never disregard the usefulness of these items and make sure, every time you get new soldiers, you offer them a mod or two.

Look for Continent Bonuses

The game doesn’t highlight a feature that each continent has a bonus that you can unlock. The bonuses are random with each playthrough. Hence you might get a science bonus in North America for a playthrough and then get the same bonus in Europe the next time.

You should first obtain all the regions in a continent to get the bonuses. Once you get in touch with them, you should build a certain amount of radio beacons. The amount required is indicated by small dots beside the bonus on the map. Smaller regions require only one tower, whereas larger ones will take 2. However, this takes time and resources, hence make sure you get only those bonuses that you need.

We hope that you’ll feel confident with these tips while playing Xcom 2. Use them and enjoy your success.

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