6 Tips which Prove that Gaming Need Not Be a Pricey Hobby Always

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assassin's creed syndicateRemember those childhood days when you used to save every dollar of your allowances just for grabbing every new game hitting the shelves? Is there any difference today when you are earning your own living and having the same passion for gaming? Well, not much, right? You have to save money for games still, because gaming is turning to be pricier affair every day. I agree that there are a few sites like CheapGames.ca where most popular games like FIFA16, Diablo III and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate are available at incredibly low prices. But in general, gaming comes under the category of pricey hobbies. So, the big question is how to get cheap games? Here are some tips.

1. Have Patience

If you want to be a passionate gamer and a money-wise at the same time, you will have to be a little patient. By being patient you will only prove to be smart, because when launched, all games have the highest price tag. But in the course of time, the price comes down and continues to drop, even though it’s a release of a big studio.

It’s worth noting that though the prices drop, the content of the games stay unchanged most of the times and even improves sometimes. Here are three points to remember:

  1. Hold on before preordering: You may have to pay maximum price of the game upon preordering. It’s true that preordering offers you some goodies. But it’s worth comparing their value against the extra price.
  2. Be patient till the price drops: I know as a gamer that it’s indeed tough to stop yourself. But just give a thought to the fact that you will save a sizeable amount. Just because your friend (born with a silver spoon in her/his mouth) buys games as soon as they step in the market or even preorder, it’s never wise to do the same, especially when you are on a budget.
  3. Find Previous Launches: The other way round is instead of waiting for prices to come down, you can find previously launched titles that are now available at low prices.

2. Find Deals and Sales

Watch out for deals and sales always. Although they vary, you can at least get 10 to 15 percent off. It can even happen sometimes that you can get a better value at one than another and also additional content.

BUT… give attention to the fine print! Not all, but some sales do have them. Paying attention to them always helps. Here are tips for smart shopping at sales:

  • Look for holiday sales: All holidays, and not only Christmas, can give rise to special sales. You can get some really cool deals around this time.
  • Look for store sales: Some stores offer sales at different times on different titles. So, look around for such stores.
  • Game bundles: Buying games in bundles is a smarter move than purchasing games one at a time, because game bundles are always more economical than individual games.

3. How about Used Games?

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If it’s going to save your money, why not look for used games? After all, you are not going to wear games, right? I mean, your ultimate aim in gaming is to have fun. Whether the game is brand new or used, it’s going to give you the same fun. However, finding used games will need some research and hard work. But once you find one, you will be surprised to see the saving it offers. Some places to find used games are eBay, Craigslist and Amazon.

NOTE: Verify that the seller is reputable and check the product for any damage. Also remember that some games, particularly PC games have unlock codes that are “one use only”. And some others are just not sharable, especially if they are linked to online accounts.

4. Stay Away from Bad Games

Many times games that look appealing are not capable of giving the fun experience you expect from them. Moreover, you have to also remember the fact that most stores don’t accept returns once the packaging is removed or don’t give refund once the game has been activated. To avoid ending up into purchasing a less fun game is to research beforehand. Here are some tips:

  • Read reviews: Read comprehensive and honest reviews on sites like CheapGames.ca. These reviews can help you to determine whether the game is of your liking or not. A game may not be good or bad; it’s on your own view and choice that you like or don’t like a game. Reviews help you to decide whether a particular game is of your choice. Reviews also can bring to your notice if there are any major flaws in the game.
  • Play a trial: Trials can give you a rough idea of how the game is. By far, playing a trial is one of the best ways to find if the game would meet your needs or not.

5. Rent Games

The best way to decide if a game is worth buying is to rent it first. You can understand if the game has a long term value or not by renting and playing it. Some of them may have some design issues, whereas some others have too short storylines. And of course, by renting a game, you can enjoy it for a few days at a fraction of its price.

Again, you should be careful to read their terms and conditions keenly as renting programs vary a lot.

6. Expert’s Opinion Makes a Big Difference

What else can be more helpful than an expert’s opinion to decide whether a game is worth buying or not? CheapGames.ca have reviews that give you a fair idea of whether you should purchase a game or not. And of course, they have games available with them at great prices too. They have Xbox One and Xbox Live Gold games, PS4 games, Steam games and more. They even make the game you want available for you even if they don’t have it with them. Just visit the site and the low prices will surprise you. They prove that gaming should not always be considered a pricey hobby!

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