7 Awesome Tips to Increase Your Chances to Win in Fortnite

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FortniteWhen it comes to FortNite, a lot has been changed over the last 7 seasons making new players feel daunted to jump in and compete with the pros. There have been themes like frozen winter, time travel, superheroes and the latest pirate motif for the Season 8 that features a range of exciting items, including cannons and a full ship moored in Lazy Lagoon. Due to this ongoing evolution, the present Fortnite map has come a long way since the days of Moisty Mire and Anarchy Acres.

But this doesn’t mean that beginners cannot start playing and enjoying Fortnite. In fact, the game is absolutely playable for fresher with the right approach. Here are a few tips to help you start.

1. Use Ziplines Only When There are No Enemies Around

Ziplines was a major addition in Season 7. These are widely spread around the map, and can be found almost on every mountain. For getting to the bottom, they are useful with no risk of damage or using any materials and vice versa. But there is a hitch…

It’s not a speedy travel and there is not even much protection provided. Certainly, you’re able to shoot back when the high-powered human magnet carries you along but that isn’t much of help when you are a sitting duck.

Prior to using one of these to reach anywhere, you will need to clear out the nearby area as best as possible. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting on the zipline and then being shot in the back just after a couple of seconds.


2. Make Use of Rifts

There is a better way to travel in Fortnite and it’s rifts. These were added at the beginning of Season 5 and look like shining blue clusters in mid-air. When you get into one of them, you’ll be taken high into the sky and will be able to deploy your glider, as if you were again jumping from the battle bus. The rifts spawn in selected spots all through the map like by Viking Village on the mountain or near Pleasant Park by the burger statue.

Rifts are excellent to flee from any enemies close by or from the incoming storm if you can’t do that on foot. But keep in mind that they don’t vanish instantly, but persist for a few seconds; so, if your enemy is sharp enough, they can track you through them and chase you in the air.

3. Earn Free V-Bucks

Just like any other popular video game of today, Fortnite also has an economy system created around V-Bucks. V-bucks are the game’s currency and you can buy several objects in the game with it at the in-game store. These include emotes, skins and accessories. So, V-Bucks don’t particularly help you in winning the game. But they have some distinct advantages. For example, you can buy Llama Pinatas at the Vindertech Store. These Llamas can net you all types of rewards including rare to legendary weapons as well as cosmetic objects, schematics for weapons, weapon upgrades and fortifications, and Heroes for Save the World Mode. Also you can buy a Battle Pass with V-Bucks. This enables you to get Fortnite’s next few DLC (Downloadable Content) packs as well as updates for free. So, you should find ways of how to get free vbucks and earn this in-game currency.

4. Eat Mushrooms and Apples

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You can get Fortnite mushrooms and Fortnite Apples by trees or in the shadier spots on the map and you can just snack on them while moving, although unfortunately you cannot thrust a load in your pockets. However, a mushroom will give you five shield. These are great when you are not able to find anything more than just a small shield potion or desperately need a boost after a fight. An apple will give you five HP.

apples in Fortnite

5. Beware of Dead Player Drops

Sometimes you may see a heap of loot lying on the ground, instead of in a chest etc. It indicates that a poor soul has been slain there and though it might seem a good way to grab yourself some weaponry and bandages, beware. It’s because the person that killed the owner of the loot may be waiting nearby to take you out too.

Rather than diving straight into the loot, hold on and check the surrounding and once you make it 100% sure that the area is clear, you can go ahead and get that dazzling stuff.

6. Don’t Use Vehicles Unless it’s the Last Resort

There are various types of vehicle in Fortnite, e.g. Fortnite Ballers which are single-seater hamster balls having a Grappler attached, Fortnite Quadcrashers which are two-person quad bikes having the ability to demolish any buildings or structures in its path and Fortnite ATKs (All-Terrain Karts) that accommodate four players and feature three stages of boost. They are certainly a much speedier means of transport but they are so loud that they will alert anyone about your location.

So, only use them as a final resort since they don’t even provide much protection. This means that before you can alight and create some cover, anyone who points you out can get a few free shots in. They are doubtlessly a great fun, particularly the Quadcrasher, but they are high risk-low reward objects unless you definitely going to die without one.


7. Don’t Fail to Evaluate the Surroundings

While running into a new area if you see a construction, be careful as someone might have made it their base and might be around to protect it. Similarly, damaged constructions show that you’re not the first individual to reach there; hence be careful about an enemy presence.

Follow these tips and your chances of winning will definitely increase. Happy playing!

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