7 Great Tips for Fortnite Beginners as well as Pros

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Whatever fafortnitens of other games may say, Fortnite Battle Royale is the world’s biggest game at least for its fans. But it’s also true that it has gained countless fans.

Fortnite has two remarkable points. One is that it has almost taken over PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and created its own special place in gamers’ heart and the second one is that the game keeps changing always, so as to keep gamers’ interest on with its evolution.

Thus, whether you’re a beginner or a pro Fortnite player, you always need tips and tricks that can help you crack the game. Websites like Pro Gamer Stories have a wealth of information for Fortnite fans. But we too here can discuss some game strategies that can help you out.

1. How does Fortnite Battle Royale Work?

This is necessary to know for beginners, although pros can skip this tip. Well, Fortnite Battle Royale is a free-to-play shooter released by Epic Games and Battle Royale is a mode within Fortnite. It works just same as other Battle Royale games, having an aim to survive against around 100 other gamers till the end. The aim is not to get maximum kills, although you may need to kill others in order to win, as the current meta is rewarding aggressive players who can build well. But the notable point is that you can even win matches through escaping and craftiness.

Here are the steps in the game:

  • You begin each match on the Battle Bus, which takes you around the map. Every time the direction changes and although players can drop at spots near the route, you can get down anywhere by pulling your parachute.
  • After a couple of minutes, a circle will emerge on the map. Then in the next few minutes, a storm will occur on the map and will push players towards the circle.
  • Then another circle will appear inside the first circle and the process will go on. Each time the circle will close more quickly and storm will increase in its intensity. Therefore it’s good for you to move inside the circle. Of course, the space to play reduces and you’ll meet other players.
  • There would be only a few at this point, and you can easily know their positions. This is the time when there will be gunfire, erection of forts and careful trips of supplies. Finally there will be only one winner.

Once you know the basic gameplay, you can advance towards learning other things.

fortnite circle prediction

2. Jump Off the Battle Bus Carefully

If you think that the game starts when you touch the ground, you’re wrong. Actually it begins the moment you board the battle bus. Now jumping off from the bus is one of the most important parts of Fortnite. Watch other players carefully where they are getting off at. When you see a relatively vacant space where no other or least numbers of players are jumping, choose it to land.

After you jump off, try to reach the ground as soon as you can. For this keep your body downwards, closest to 90° and hold the forward button. This will enable you to reach the ground before any other player who jumped off with you reaches down. This will provide you a little more time to find weapons, collect resources and build your base in the open before them. Or you can even just grab a gun and fire at players who are now trying to jump to the ground from the sky.

Read experiences of hardcore Fortnite players on Pro Gamer Stories and you can learn a lot.

3. Let Others Get into the Battle

Engaging into a battle is not advisable if you want a bigger chance to win. Instead it’s advisable to keep hidden for most of the game. Starting a gunfight with other players poses a risk to your winning. This is because chances are you may not survive in the battle and cry foul for it.

So, you can understand that you should have great patience. Wait patiently for some time and see if the number of players reduces. When only a few are left, make your appearance and start taking the kills. By the end of the game, there won’t be many players with full health or adequate ammo to defeat a player who has been saving all this since the start of the game.

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Let Others Get into the Battle

4. Build and Save Yourself

As quickly as you can, learn to build the ‘instant combat tower’. This is actually a simple structure having four walls and a staircase in the middle, and repeat. This will offer you a higher ground during the battle and help you build protective coats between you and your enemy. You’ll be amazed to see how this simple, small fort will help you take plenty of kills.

This will also help you when someone starts firing at you, since you can quickly build multiple walls around you to get a temporary cover and come up with a war plan or take shelter of a much stronger cover.

You will need bricks, wood and other object for building. To get all these materials, you’ll have to keep mining with your pickaxe.

5. Find Loot on Priority

Remember to find significant loot on a priority basis. You can’t predict if there would be loot where you land. So, you’ll need to keep exploring till you get your hands on a good arsenal.

The best things to find are loot chests. They spawn in static locations. However, you can find only a few in each location at a time.

You can even hear them through walls. Hence make sure you explore in floors and nearby rooms till you find them.

If you find a loot chest in the roof above you, make sure you build a ramp away from it. If you dig underneath and take the floor out from below the chest, the chest too will vanish.

loot chests

6. Upgrade Your Shield

Good thing about Fortnite is that, unlike PUBG, you don’t have to worry about armor pieces, weapon attachments or scopes. However, you’ll need to upgrade your shield. Or else, you’ll need a great set of weapons – which should ideally include close, medium and long distance ranges – a grenader and a healing item.

You’ll find various types of shield and healing items. Bandages and Small Shields only heal partially – capped at 75% and 50% respectively. If you get these and a Big Shield, and if you use them in the correct order, i.e. first Small Shield and then Big Shield, it will allow you to attain maximum shield capacity.

7. Use the Environment to Heal You

There will be mushrooms and apples everywhere around the map on the ground. They will give you 5% shield and health respectively. You will need time to consume them, but if you can take time to kill, you can spend time to heal yourself too.

So, how do you feel now? Are you feeling confident and excited to start playing? All the best!

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