Advantages of Smurfing on League of Legends

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benefits of smurfing on LoLSmurfing means entering the server you use normally under a different name so as to see what is going on where, but without being recognized. Smurfing is a deliberate action in League of Legends of an experienced player to obtain personal advantages like playing with a beginner friend, increasing referrals or just for making oneself feel better. Before you turn away totally from the idea, take a look at it with an open outlook.

Is Smurfing a Right Thing to Do?

Well, no! When you smurf, you might probably ruin the gaming experience of other beginners. But, honestly, who cares! We know that Riot doesn’t! Or else the rule of “one account per IP” would have come into existence long back. Moreover, the only players who criticize smurfing are – guess who – smurfs themselves! Also with all the DoTA or HoN players joining LoL, the gameplay was never fair to start with. One more interesting fact found out recently is the complaints about how one can teach her/his beginner friends, when the enemy smurfs ruin the game. But what else you are doing! So, in any way, smurfing must not be justified.

Advantages of Smurfing

Once we agree that smurfing is not a correct thing to do, let’s now look into deep  Smurfing offers many advantages.

Why to Smurf?

Gaining Rewards and Referral Points: In the world of gaming, a golden rule is if a rule is not stated specifically and everybody is doing it, you are not penalized for it. Numerous players smurf to gain referrals the easiest way, and as mentioned earlier, Riot doesn’t care.

Playing With Your Newbie Friends and Teach Them the Game: You can imagine yourself a white knight and protect your friends from the imps and other smurfs, teach them and have great fun!

Testing out New Champs with No Obstructions: If you are playing Shaco or Nasus in the level 30 normals, for the first time, it’s highly likely that you’ll feed hard and probably carry out 2 core items at the best. It’s very time-consuming and frustrating to play minimum 10 games to even be decent and proceed halfway through your core build – needless to say, the trolling done to you makes the game total hell. Even practice games won’t help. Most players leave halfway because they know that there is no punishment. Mostly a game is played with 10% effort. In no way, you can see how powerful your character is indeed. This brings one to smurfing. Though smurfing has lots of beginners, most try literally very hard. Plus you should remember that other smurfs exist always and DoTA/HoN players are honest at basics. You can test your champs and take challenges when you are ready.

Get your level 30 unranked account with created by players who were earlier consumers. They don’t resell, but produce the account themselves, so, they know the process exactly to produce/level those unranked accounts. So, don’t miss this opportunity.

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