Bad Pad – A Through and Through Retro Game Full of Fun

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bad pad gameIf you are in search of a game which can give you enough of adventure, mixed with a bit of puzzle solving and arcading, a lot of jumping and also quite a bit of dying on the way, you won’t have to wait too long! A hardcore platformer by Headbang Games is in its alpha and you will soon be able to play it – it’s Bad Pad! You can read more and play Bad Pad’s demo here!

Bad Pad – 2D Retro Platformer

Bad Pad is a 2D retro platformer, a game developed with a base of the self experiences of the developer. The developer Avishay Mizrav has created it while staying true as far as possible to those styles. If you love stories of friendship, love, spikes, lots of wall-jumping and many deathtraps, you will love Bad Pad. Bad Pad has hit the Steam Greenlight!

Bad Pad


As mentioned earlier Bad Pad is a mix of shooting, arcading, puzzle solving and adventures. Obviously it is intriguing enough to keep you stuck with it. What’s different about it is that it presents a more diverse experience than other games which contain only one of these factors. However, being a platformer, you will have to jump a lot of times and also will have to die many times!

Bad Pad is the developer’s first big indie game project. He will be introducing himself to the world as a game developer with Bad Pad. His idea behind Bad Pad is his memories of playing video games while growing up and experiences of those times. He also wants to pay a tribute through Bad Pad to those amazing games which offered him such a joy while growing up. It was a mixture of a bit of frustration and a lot of fun!

Bad Pad screenshot

What are the Special Features of Bad Pad?

  • Diverse Gameplay: Bad Pad offers you a diverse gameplay in terms of cart riding, spaceships, submarines and more. Any other game hardly offers such varied types of levels. So, you get a thorough enjoyment.
  • 3 Games in One: Bad Pad actually comprises of 3 mini classic games. All these are arcade games.
  • Original Music Composed and Played by the Developer: While most other new developers use popular music for their first games, the developer of Bad Pad has used original guitar-driven music composed and played by himself. This helps create a unique environment and ambience in the game. The music is definitely lovable.
  • Retro Graphics: Not to mention, the wonderful retro graphics in the game, that offer the same retro feel. All these cool graphics have been created by a group of very talented artists, named Oray Studios.
  • Excitement at Every Stage: The game has 4 floors and 16 levels (with 10 epic boss levels), and as if this is less, there are over 150 scenes that you can’t stop exploring.
  • Fantastic Display of Physics and Gravity: You will be thorough amused as well as excited with the fantastic use of principles of physics and gravity.
  • Puzzles: Puzzles is one of the most fun parts of Bad Pad. Because of the puzzle-solving element, even those gamers who are more fond of quizzes, will be captivated by Bad Pad.
  • Gamepad Support: Bad Pad offers gamepad support along with game mechanics and tight controls.

Bad Pad screenshot 2

Greenlight by Steam and Early Access

As mentioned earlier, Bad Pad is greenlit by the Steam Community.

You can also get an Early Access to the game. Through the Early Access, you can access the game in its incomplete state while the developer/s is still working on it and continuously keeps posting whatever new additions that are made during the game’s development. Because of Early Access, you can get a feel of the game, and make suggestions too, like if you find any frustrating element that you can’t stand, anything too easy or too hard, any part of the game that you would like to see more, any technical hitch or any bug or glitch you find. Your suggestions help developer to make the game increasingly better.

Bad Pad screenshot 3

Why Early Access is Great?

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Through Early Access, you can get the game at much lower cost in its incomplete state; but you keep on receiving all the future updates till the final version is out, which is free to you.

Bad Pad screenshot 4

How will the Early Access of Bad Pad Work?

Early Access of Bad Pad has 3 phases:

  1. In the first phase, the first beta version of Bad Pad will be released that will have floors 1 and 2 (which makes 30% of the gameplay), along with some refurbished graphics, new music, updated UI and menus and also an introductory cut-scene. The 1st phase will be priced at $9.99.
  2. In the second phase, floor 3 will be included (another 30% of the gameplay), along with still more cut-scenes, graphics, music and updates to the game as well as to the first two floors based on the feedback you will give. This phase will be priced at $12.99.
  3. In the third phase, the last 4th floor will be included (the remaining 40% of the gameplay) along with the same updates like before and this phase will cost $15.99.

Bad Pad screenshot 5

When is Bad Pad Going to be Released?

The developer and his team are planning to release the first phase of the Early Access on 16th Aug 2016, while other phases will be released with a gap of 2-3 months. However, during this gap, you will keep on receiving publish updates after you send input.

Bad Pad screenshot 6

Operating System

The beauty of Bad Pad is it can be played on desktop computer. Initially the game will be in Windows PC version. It can be downloaded on Mac and Linux OS but frequent updates won’t be received in those OSs.

Bad Pad screenshot 7

Bad Pad is through and through retro, even for the selection of levels. As the game is still in alpha mode, the developer, Avishay Mizrav, keeps posting videos, screen shots, playable demos and many such updates regularly on his official site,, and they are full of fun. You can view some of them even in this article. Also watch a fun trailer below. If you have developed an intense interest and excitement about Bad Pad, you can even subscribe to his blog and receive email updates.

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