Choosing Geeky Gifts Should Not Be A Problem Henceforth

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choosing geeky giftsBuying gift is in itself a difficult process; and if you plan to buy one for a wanting nerd, you know how hard it is. Here, just any gift of your choice or guess won’t do; you’ll have to study your recipient geek carefully, before trying to purchase an appropriate gift. It will be wise to know about the passions of your geek so that the gift won’t prove mere wastage of money. For outstanding geeky stuff, visit Canada’s geek store,, where you can get innumerable cool items that can take you out of the confusion about which geek gift to buy. Here are some hints for choosing the right stuff.

Study the Particular Likings of Your Geek

Studying the particular likings of your geek is the first step to know which gift will make her/him excited. Consider some points like:

  • What is the daily routine of your geek? Does s/he keep playing games all the time in front of the computer or visit a local comics shop?
  • What makes her/him the most excited – new games, watching movies, playing cards, gizmos, game apparel?
  • Look keenly into different geek franchises. Know about the differences between them. If you find that your geek is into Star Trek, it is not necessary that s/he will also love Star Wars, actually the case may be quite the opposite. You may assume that something different would be a nice change, but remember that geeks don’t think the same way.

Taking Help of Geek’s Mom

Geek’s mom can be a surefire source to know about her/his liking. Ask mom what is on the list of the geek and what amongst them s/he has received till date.

Magic of Gaming

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Games can create a lot of possibilities. So, you have an extensive choice.

  • You can buy a game itself, like an Xbox, PSP, Wii or a PC game. Or you can pay an ongoing subscription to a game like World of Warcraft or Star Wars, which you know the geek is already playing. And also you can gift some iTunes cards for downloading game apps.
  • If your geek is really into non-electronic games, choose board games focusing on math, logic, fantasy themes or physics. Dice and card games can also be a nice choice. Also keep the importance of role playing games in mind, in their electronic or book/board forms. Geeks are very fussy about games, just like comics and movies; so choosing a game of a style or genre they are not particularly fond of may prove your gift a flop.

Full Collection is Perfect

Reason may be anything, but geeks love to have full collections of action figures, movies, comics – they just strive for it! E.g. if you find out that your geek is a League of Legends fan, you can also find out which season s/he doesn’t own, and can gift the full season.
And collections are of many items. For sci-fi lovers, you can choose comics, books, figurines, posters, calendars, toys, apparel, desk gadgets, movie placards and what not!
Take Help of Another Geek

If you are still confused, take help of another geek by asking her/him questions. The questions should be like:

  • Which gift you and your friends would like to have (and don’t already have) this Christmas?
  • Which shop do you prefer to shop in for geeky items? (This will save your time of searching through millions of geek shops.)
  • If it’s games, which shop is the best? For gaming, quality is really important. Most geeks have piles of unplayed games (both video and board) which came to them due to poor research. But fortunately you can easily avoid doing it: ask a knowledgeable retailer or another geek which games are indeed good. The fact is, many geeks would love a duplicate of something they already have, but is actually good (because they can even enjoy exchanging it for something else) – better than one that’s pretty bad and keep piling with them unplayed.

Finding a geeky gift should not be a problem henceforth, if you act upon these rules. That will reduce your stress and bring you some invaluable admiration!

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