How to Make Big MapleStory 2 Mesos?

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making mesos at MS2Do you think that money is everything? And even if you don’t think so, you at least have to agree that money is very important! This world runs on money, world’s biggest ancient wars took place for money and power, even today big incidents have money at their bases. This is our world. What about the virtual world? It is also no exception to the “money rule”! Just take example of MapleStory 2 – in this extremely captivating game too, you need money at every stage; only difference is the money here is called Mesos. Let’s take a look at how you can make Mesos for enjoying a play of Maple Story 2. BTW, you have an easy way to get them and it is just to visit; so, check it out! Other ways are here. They will help you regardless of whether you are an Explorer, Aran, Cygnus Knight, Dual Blade or Evan, or form a component of the Resistance!

Train to Get Mesos

The Party Quests will earn your rewards which you can sell to get many mesos. You can also earn mesos with the Quests. But ensure that you are having fun while playing. Some PQs offer you equipment that are useful to you or you can sell them.

Amoria’s Sakura Cellions

If you train at Amoria’s Sakura Cellions you get a ridiculously big sum compared to the level (as, it is easier to get).

Leprechauns in Masteria provide many more mesos at each drop and have quite better drops which include Black Umbrellas and Steelys. You can get there, by first traveling to New Leaf City with a purchase of a subway ticket at Kerning City and use a free taxi on the far left of the map. Next walk towards the left of the map till you see the gateway where you will find Leprechauns roam.

MS2 warrior

And you can always loot instead of train!


Do the Eos Tower quests of Orbis quests everyday for around a week and sell the scrolls you get. Each one will sell up to 90k to 200k, which can earn you a lot if you have enough scrolls. (Requires High Level)

Find Other Users’ Mesos

Find mesos dropped by other users. If you are a beginner, a good place for you to loot is the Kerning City’s Subway. This is nearly designated for a Sin.

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Sell Maple Items

During the events in MapleStory which contain Maple Items, find Maple Leaves and weapons, which you can sell to make big money.

MS2 items

Find Good Deals on FM

You can find nice deals on FM, so check it out to trade items and earn money. But remember that this is quite time-consuming and difficult because even pros sell LV10- stuff here for 100k.

Trade Sharks

You can trade sharks available in the 7th Day Market on Sundays by buying and selling them again to the merchant for higher prices.

Trade Green Paintbrushes

During the World Tour, buy green paintbrushes in Ninja Castle, which you can sell for 200k and make double the amount.

Monster Carnival

You can get plenty of Maple Coins if you go to Monster Carnival. Exchange these coins for necklaces with Spiegelman, roll them with marbles and sell.

MS2 Monster_Carnival

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