MLB 2K6-Xbox 360 Review

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MLB 2K6Introduction: It`s spring. The birds are chirping, the women are starting to wear less clothing and, most importantly, the baseball season is just beginning. Will Barry “Steroids“ Bonds break the elusive homerun record set by Hank Aaron? Possibly; but we`re not here to discuss that.

I`m here to tell you about MLB 2K6 on the Xbox 360.

2K Sports has the semi-exclusive MLB license, so gamers won`t be seeing MVP Baseball this year. MLB 2K6 is the only baseball game currently available on the 360; and it`s the first next-gen baseball game. Did 2K rest on their laurels because they wiped the competition off the map? Read on to find out. Gameplay MLB 2K5 was a solid baseball game, although it did have a few minor problems. There was nothing major. This new game, MLB 2K6, is most definitely a fun, solid game of baseball. You can get it at

However, it seems like the developers took a step backwards in some places and a few leaps forward in others. Kush Games and Visual Concepts revamped both the pitching and hitting interfaces. They tried to mimic what EA did with the MVP series in those respective areas, and they did a pretty good job in doing so. The new pitching system is being labeled as payoff pitching by the developers, and rightfully so. Gamers will still choose a type of pitch and then choose a location. Once you`ve selected a location tap (or hold), the respective button and the circle will get larger. When it gets really small, tap the button again for maximum accuracy. If you tap it when the circle is too big, your pitch will be way off from where you aimed it. For more speed or break on the pitch, simply hold onto the button longer.

Now, here`s where the payoff pitching comes into play. When things get rough on the field, it`s bound to stir up your pitcher a little bit. Say, for example, the bases are loaded with no outs, and A-Rod is stepping up to the plate. I think it`s safe to say that the pitcher would be fairly nervous, and the developers have tried to replicate that feeling. In a situation like that the cursor will move rapidly, making it fairly difficult for you to be able to pinpoint your pitches. Gradually, your pitcher will wear out and, as he does, it will be much harder to locate your pitches. Overall, the new pitching system is a welcomed addition to the franchise.

While it might not be drastically different, it changes enough things to make it feel fresh and, most importantly, it works perfectly. The hitting system in 2K`s franchise has always been fairly simple. This year they decided to shake things up a bit, and the new hitting system (swing stick) is drastically different from what 2K veterans are used to. The swing stick is very similar to how one would swing a real baseball bat. Pull back on the right thumbstick to hit a base hit or ground ball. Pull back then push forward in hopes of hitting a homerun. It takes a little while to get the timing down with the swing stick but, once you`ve mastered the timing, it`s extremely rewarding. The hitting system is completely different and some might not like it.

Those of you that love the old system will be happy to know that you can still use it.

Written by: Nick

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