Numerous Ways to Make Runescape Gold

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runescapeRunescape is one of today’s most popular and fun MMORPG that you can play from anywhere in the world. You are to do quests, kill monsters, and collect rare items. The currency in Runescape is Runescape gold which you can earn while completing various tasks in the game or buy runescape gold on legitimate sites. Let’s take a look at the various tips which can give you a great success in the game.

Map in Runescape

Map in Runescape will help you to make the game easier for you. You can then easily navigate through the game.

runescape map

Talk to Someone

If you are bored and want to talk to someone, make friends on Runescape.


This is the main important part – making money or RS gold! Here are some ways to do that.

runescape gold

In Runescape, you are either a member or a non-member. In both the cases, you can try to earn the RS gold.

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For Members: Purchase vials filled with water from Ardougne general store. Then go to forums and sell each for 250 gold – neither more, nor less.

Once you accumulate about 1 million gold, you can start your business of getting items for low and selling them for high, like Rune or Dragon objects, or also something else you think you can earn a profit on. The best option is to sell objects in World 2 to Members.


For Non-members: Collect cow-hides by killing cows. After you collect 100 cow hides (which are for about 3.7 runs) sell them at Al-Kharid bank for 10k.

You can also sell chicken’s feathers to make money, by either killing chickens and collecting their feathers or buying them at fishing stores for 6 each and resell each at about 12 gold at GE.

For Both, Members and Non-members: Runcrafting Air Runes is a comparatively easy way to make money in Runescape for both members as well as non-members. You can make at least 60k from that and once you do that, you can buy bronze arrows from Varrock Archery Shop. You can buy them at 6gp each and resell for 20gp each, so you can easily make 200k!

Other way which works for both members and non-members is to kill hill giants and collect drops which contain death runes, law runes, limpwurt roots and uncut gems. You can sell all these items on GE for a handsome amount of money. The most recommended is Level 20 dungeoneering where there 11 hill giants as well as 4 limpwurt root spawn points.

water shader

Once you collect a good sum of money, purchase cooked lobsters for 200 to 220gp. Resell them for 240+. Be firm for that resell price.

Some Rules to Remember while Playing Runescape

  • If you want to make the most of Runescape, consider to become a member.
  • Quests in Runescape can give an awesome experience rewards and save a lot of time for you. You can skip hours of noob training and start business straightaway. You can also get familiar with various areas on the map with the help of quests. By doing this, you can get better skilling techniques, money-making techniques and enhanced familiarity with the RS map.
  • Runescape is an extremely addictive game. Remember this fact and beware of it, by diverting your mind to something else at regular intervals, socializing with friends and family, play a physical game, etc.

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