Path of Exile [3.4]: Quill Rain Poison Assassin – Build Guide

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Quill Rain Poison Assassin Ultimate BuildPath of Exile [3.4]: Delve contains ten power-packed skills that are either new or fully reworked and are focused around two character archetypes: the Guardian and the Pathfinder. You can play as a holy warrior thrashing down foes with swift damage while benefiting minions and teammates. Or you can play as a messy archer who makes use of poison and nature-based skills to pin and smother foes.

Whichever class you wish to play in Delve League, whether Duelist, Ranger, Witch, Marauder, Shadow, Scion, Templar, any PoE build is worth trying. Let’s discuss the Quill Rain Poison Assassin Build, which is one of the most interesting ones!

Path of Exile [3.4] – Quill Rain Poison Assassin Build

The Assassin is an offense-oriented class that focuses on critical strikes. It provides improved crits on low or full life foes and improves their power charges.

The PoE build will use Rain Poison as its main skill and probably a single target if you need to throw one in. It will be poison-based and utilize the new Herald of Agony too.

Path of Exile [3.4] - Quill Rain Poison Assassin

Pros and Cons


  • Synergizes well with Poison and Chaos-based damage
  • Uses the new Herald of Agony


  • Doesn’t kill all things rapidly from off-screen i.e. meta PoE builds
  • Doesn’t take the big life wheel hence life on gear is important

Skill Tree

You can buy the PoE items with PoE Currency.


Points – Noxious Strike > Toxic Delivery > Ambush and Assassinate/ Opportunistic


If you kill all, you get Alira or 2 points.

Alira is a good choice always so as to remove some resist pressure from gear; the crit too is a bonus to the PoE build.

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Quill Rain Poison Assassin Build


The following can be impulsively changed to use what you need:

  • Lion of the Seas, Capture Nassar – Reef Map
  • The Challenger, Capture Puruna – Atol Map
  • Capture The Forgotten Soldier – Conservatory Map
  • Major – Soul of The Brine King
  • Light’s Bane, Capture Erbix – Cemetery Map
  • Minor – Soul of Gruthkul


  • Capture Lycius, Midnight’s Howl – Lair Map
  • Crescents Point, Capture Sebbert – Moon Temple Map
  • Capture Thraxia – Spider Lair Map
  • Major – Soul of Lunaris

Gem Setup

For Defense

  • Arctic Armor
  • Vaal Grace
  • CWDT(8) > Immortal Call(10) > Ice Golem(10) > Despair(11)

For Damage

  • Herald of Agony > Minion Damage > Vicious Projectiles > Damage on Full life > Faster Attacks > Free Slot (Since mana reservation only permits a 5-link Herald to use this slot for Blink arrow, Arctic armor or Vaal Grace)
  • Toxic Rain > Faster Attacks > Vicious Projectiles > Swift Affliction > Mirage Archer > Free Slot

For Utility

  • Blink Arrow
  • Spell Totem > Wither > Faster casting > Free Slot (Consider totem resist Or place your Vaal Grace here)


As always, when it comes to gear in PoE, you should aim for the resist cap and more than 4.5k life pool for those inevitable big boss hits and one-shots. After that, you should aim for damage and a defense system of your choice. So far, this build still uses some evasion with acrobatics and phase acrobatics.

Quill Rain Poison Assassin gear

Things Worth Considering

  • Amulet – Consider Carnage Heart, Impresence (Chaos), stat rare
  • Rings – Consider stat rare, Essence Worm, Mark of the Elder
  • Gloves – Consider Haemophilia, stat rare, The Embalmer
  • Boots – Consider Atziri’s Step, stat rare
  • Helm – Consider Starkonja’s head, Rate’s Nest, stat rare
  • Belt – Consider Stygian Vise, Doryani’s invitation (Physical), The Retch
  • Quiver – Consider stat rare, Maloney’s Nightfall
  • Chest – Consider Cherrubim’s Maleficence, Six link Rare
  • Bow – Lioneye’s Glare


Enchants are all PoE Unique items you should grab for optimum fun.


  • Despair Curse Effect increased by 30%
  • Blink Arrow Cooldown Recovery Speed increased by 30%


  • 80% chance to Avoid being Stunned if you’ve Killed Lately
  • 8% chance to Avoid Spell Hits if you’ve Lately taken Spell Damage
  • 0.6% of Damage Leeched as Life and Mana if you’ve Lately Killed
  • 16% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you’ve Lately Killed


It’s important to keep a minimum of one mana or hybrid flask.

  • One Mana or Hybrid flask
  • Atziri’s Promise
  • Witchfire Brew


If you get Quill Rain early, leveling a ranger can be indeed easy. Getting a Quill Rain and throwing split arrow and just blasting your way to Level 40 is a good option. Use and try skills that are fun.

So, are you ready for the Quill Rain Poison Assassin Build?

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