Extremely Popular Flash Game Genres You Should Know

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2 player flash gamesFlash games are wonderful. They are easy to develop and not restricted by big budgets or set formulas like their console siblings. Any qualified programmer or even a 12-year old can make a flash game and launch it if it’s appealing enough.

When some of these developers have an innovative idea, others quickly want to spin it and then some weird genres arise. Most of these are 2 player games offering you fun even if you get only one friend online. Here are some of these flash game genres you should know about.

Action Games

This is a huge genre. They typically need players with quick thinking, reflexes and timing to win over enemies and obstacles. There are many sub-genres under the Action genre including Platformers and Shooters. Some genres like Puzzle Platformers come with aspects of Action games combined with other genres.

action flash game


Platformers are focused on jumping and running across an environment. They can either emphasize on safely journeying through a risky area, solving environmental puzzles or navigating cleverly through an environment.


In Shooters, players have to use projectile weapons to win over enemies, either as a ground-based character or in a vehicle. The genre of Shooters is perhaps the most varied sub-genre of Flash Games on Newgrounds which has got inspired by a huge range of console video games. Games in this genre emphasize on conserving ammunition, environmental awareness and reflexes.

Other Action Games

Some of the Action Flash games don’t fall precisely into shooting, platforming or fighting genres. They can be categorized in the following types. Most of these games too are 2 player games to offer you enough fun with your friend.


This is also a very broad genre. It usually includes games that induce puzzle solving and exploration rather than reflexes.


In puzzle games, you need to solve problems usually based on reasoning and logic if you want to progress in the game. This genre also include Puzzle-Platformer hybrids which make use of Action elements.

puzzle flash game


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Simulation games contain real-life activities simulated, typically with a fictional twist. There are many types of simulation games.


As its name suggests, skills genre is based on specific skills of players, whether it’s a physical skill like endurance and reflexes or mental skills like mental agility or logical thinking.


Typing games are exclusively focused on the speed and precision of the player while typing. If you want to become a great typist you can play these games often to practice and test your typing skills.


As you may guess from the name of this genre, Spam games are often vulgar, pointless and short. It should be noted that several games that often believed to be spam are not included in this genre. This genre was formed in 2010.


The games in the Sports genre are inspired by real life sports. They may either be exact simulations of the sports or sometimes they may even be more fantastical versions.

Gambling and Casino

Actually games in the casinos are essentially Flash equivalents of the traditional gambling games like blackjack, poker, roulette and slots. Several games in this genre are provided themes inspired by online phenomena and popular characters.

gambling flash games


The games in the Strategy genre are focused on skillful management and planning for winning. For example, it contains sub-genres like Artillery games in which players need to hit particular points with pieces of artillery by determining the amount of power required for the shot.


In this genre, players are provided lessons. A popular topic taught to players is how to make Flash games and animations.

By knowing about these genres, you can better find your favorite games and can have optimum fun with them.

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