Path Of Exile – Useful Tips to Choose the Right Class

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Path of ExileIf you’re new to Path of Exile, you may easily get daunted at first because it’s such a huge game with so many facets. Beginners can sometimes get overwhelmed with the game’s intricacies and its many interlocking systems. However, if you learn all these factors step-by-step, you’ll find that PoE is incredibly fun!

The foremost priority is to choose a class you’d like to play, although gaining PoE currency is also very important. You’ll find six classes at the onset and you can unlock one more during the campaign.

Before choosing your class, Consider the fantasy role you wish to play. e.g. you can shoot arrows, sling spells, or slap a zombie’s head with a hammer as any class. But depending on the situation, one class may trump another in certain aspects. Determining which play style you excel in will help you choose your class.

classes in Path of Exile

Benefits of Each Class

Each class in PoE has a stat associated with it. Here are the stats.

Duelist – Strength and Dexterity

The specialization of the Duelist is axes or swords. He uses a blend of Strength and Dexterity to hit hard and avoid damage while doing so.

Marauder – Strength

It’s difficult to kill the Marauder. He causes heavy destruction with blunt, mace-like weapons. He can use two hundred powerful fighting and defensive skills near his location on the Passive Skill Tree.

Ranger – Dexterity

The Ranger shoots arrows from her bowto cause quick damage from a safe distance. Attacking with speed and evading early in the game are among her notable qualities.

classes in PoE

Shadow – Intelligence and Dexterity

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The Shadow fights with claws or daggers along with weapons or magic. He can use Chaos magic and attack fast early in the game.

Templar – Strength and Intelligence

The Templar makes use of large sticks either to attack his enemies with spells or beat them. He can use physical defense skills and magic early in the game.

Witch – Intelligence

The Witch fights with scepters or wands. She causes damage with high spells with critical attacks.

Scion – Strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity

The stats of Scion are totally even and she begins in the middle of the Passive Skill Tree. She’s like a blank slate on which you can create anything. She’s a difficult class to choose due to her even stats.


Which Class is the Easiest to Play?

As previously mentioned, you’ll have to wisely to choose your class. The base stats of a class determine their ease of use in PoE, and not which abilities are used by them. The Witch and Ranger are safe classes and their beginning stats help you wreak a lot of destruction from a distance. But the tradeoff is that you’ll die rather quickly if a foe is able to come near you. Thus, they are great classes to choose in the beginning, but only if you have confidence in your ability to kill enemies.

The Duelist, Marauder, and Templar are the classes that begin with a lot of Strength; they need to fight enemies in the beginning of the game in close quarters. However, in spite of being near the danger, they are more survivable than the characters mentioned above.

For beginners, it’s recommended to choose Templar for magic and melee, or Marauder for melee damage because they are tough classes to kill.

You should choose a class that is more about the character you recognize the most. If you get confused about stats, simply choose the class that looks the coolest. There’s no need to worry because no matter which class you pick, even though you have a hard time in the beginning of the game, you’ll do just fine as you progress through Wraeclast and pick up PoE currency, along the way.

Whichever class you choose, what’s important is that you enjoy Path of Exile. All the best!

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