9 Tips to Help You Enjoy Merge Dragons to the Fullest

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Merge Dragons challenge 9If you want to get lost in the beautiful setting of a magical land while coming across mystical objects and dragons, and fighting with the evil “Zomblins” to reclaim the land, when you have to wait in a doctor’s reception, for a train or plane or even while sitting in your home, you are perhaps looking for Merge Dragons. This is a game for android and iOS devices in which you should merge things in groups of three in order to reclaim the land. The game is a combination of match-3, collecting/city-building and puzzle. You also have a base camp to collect dragons and other objects, upgrade them and design your land.

All this may seem quite simple when you look at it first; but it may become challenging when you are not aware a lot of things and overlook them. Here are a few useful tips that will help you avoid common mistakes and enjoy playing Merge Dragons.

1. Dragon Harvesting/Destruction

Merging three eggs is the way to harvest Dragons. When you produce a Dragon, items emerge from its creation. Dragons are useful for rebuilding random parts of Dead Land. So, here’s what happens when you craft a Dragon: merging three eggs results in a new Dragon. It gives you in turn an item that you can use for further matching and this goes on. You can double-tap an object to quickly have a Dragon to harvest from it or just destroy it.

2. Merge Everything

Merge Dragons is about merging pretty much everything, from Dragons, Gems and Coins, to the stars you’d win after achieving a goal in a level like Merge Dragons challenge 9. Merging is an activity you should go on performing because it always results in a higher score/outstanding results. Hence merge everything you can to see what you can explore and collect.

3. Merge Your Dragons

Merging Dragons results in faster gain of higher level dragons, ability to do more work and gain more Dragon Power that is useful for unlocking more land. So, it’s useful to merge three Dragons so as to produce an even more powerful Dragon. You can choose to do some Dragon merging even while communicating with your Camp. Just be sure to have three or more Dragons in place for the entire process. While interacting with your Camp, ensure you use Dragon Eggs that will help clear out the fog harassing your land and offer more space to it.

4. Merge 3 Rather than 5

As a rule, you’ll be merging 3 items. But do you know that things can be even merged in groups of 5 instead of 3? Merging 5 objects together rather than 3 results in double the output i.e. when you merge 5 clovers, you’ll get 2 life flowers, instead of the 1 you get by merging 3 clovers. Therefore it’s a good idea to save your items for the 5-way merging, if possible.

5. Produce Dead Land Object Matches

You should also try to form matches with items that are alike on the Dead Land. Such an object from the Dead Land will be pulled over, which leads to instant healing of that piece of Dead Land.

6. Harvest Rocks and Farm Bricks

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Bricks are very useful in Merge Dragons because it’s a currency that can be used to purchase chests that contain more helpful items for your buildings and camp, which enable you to hold more dragons (and help them sleep quicker), more bricks and coins. To get the most number of bricks fast, drop your dragons on any rocks you see in the game to harvest.

Next just like every other thing, go on merging the bricks by 5. Ultimately you can get powerful brick stones, which will offer you up to 25,000 bricks upon tapping.

7. Farm Coins

Just like the stones in the game, coins can be farmed by harvesting fruit trees. Coins can be used to purchase more dragons and buildings. When you drag a dragon on to a fruit tree, it will regain a piece of fruit tree (bananas, pears, grapes, raspberries etc.)

Just merge 5 pieces of fruit to gain a random amount of tiny magic coins (worth 1 coin) and/or a bronze coin (worth 4 coins). Then again, you can merge these coins resulting in the Magic Gem of Life worth 25k coins.

8. Be Sure You Spend All Coins and Bricks before You Play a Level

When you are on your camp, you can go over threshold for bricks and coins. E.g. if you have only 300 bricks and gain 350 worth of bricks the remaining bricks will fall on a heap somewhere in your camp and you can collect it later. However, if you are out of your camp, in some level, any extra bricks or coins cannot be collected and will be wasted.

As you achieve higher levels in the game, you’d be able to gain several coins and bricks by harvesting and merging items. Be sure not to waste them by making your storage full. Buy a few chests, dragon eggs or buildings before leaving camp, so that you can maximize your collection potential in the levels.

9.How to Use Dragon Stars?

If you find a purple Dragon Star falling, take it back to Camp where you should merge it with the others you have collected. In turn, this will result in creating a Magnificent Dragon Star. However, if you choose to tap on them immediately, you will gain Dragon Gems.

Use these tips to enjoy Merge Dragons to the fullest!

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