The Best Games on Android – And What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Them

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"angry-birds-android"Android phones are great devices that have the power and the slickness of the iPhone product but with none of the restrictive design that many people criticize Apple of. It’s also a much more open platform for developers and that makes it a great way to earn money online and a great way to delve into app design. If you have a website or blog then that’s the perfect platform from which to promote your games.

But to really get the hang of this it’s a good idea to look at some previous examples of great games to get some inspiration and to help you in your own design. Have a go at them, see what you can learn from them, and you might just find something that eats up a lot of your spare time and serves as a nice distraction in the meantime.

Angry Birds: Angry Birds is the gaming app success and has sold millions of copies and made its development team Rovio millions more. But what was it about this little game that made it such a huge hit where others haven’t quite succeeded? Well the developers state that the day they knew it would be a hit was the day they caught their Mothers playing it and unable to put it down – in short the game was so accessible and so humorous and cute that it could appeal to literally anyone. And when you bear in mind that almost everyone owns a phone (not just hardcore ‘gamers’) you realize that this is a big bonus.

Germination: Germination is a top down platformer/puzzle game that really tests your brain and gives you a great sense of reward when you manage to beat a level. It challenges you to memorize what different tiles do to your main character, and to plot the correct route around the map before setting off. This is another game that features a cutesy character (called BeeBoo) and very simple gameplay, but has the added appeal of being a brain teaser. Another great example of this is ‘Cut the Rope’ which is again the kind of slow-paced puzzle game you can muse over rather than having to bash at.

Osmos: Osmos is a surreal experience that involves moving bacteria-like blobs around a screen to the sound of some atmospheric electronica. This is a highly stylized game that has beautiful graphics despite running on most phones. If you aren’t going to go ‘cutesy’ then consider going ‘neon’ and stylized. This and other games like Gravity Project, Supersonic and Reflexions prove that if a game is ‘glowy’ looking then it will be a big hit most likely.

Captain Lasers: Only the beta of this game is currently available, but it shows a lot of promise as an old fashioned 2D platformer. With games like Fez, Meat Boy and Cave Story being such a hit on other platforms there is clearly a demand for this sort of gameplay which is currently unfulfilled by those games currently on the Play Store. Here you control a pixelated alien captain who has the ability to turn into a laser, and you then use this ability to traverse gaps and defeat enemies.

This guestpost is written by Jeet. He is Cloud Server Admin at and passionate blogger who usually writes various tips related to Cloud Servers and VPS management.

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