Make Your Gaming Website Popular like Never Before with an Amazing Chat Platform

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gamerGamers’ community is one of the most passionate communities in the world! These people (gamers) live in an altogether different world and live a life different from commoners. You may call them geek or nerd or anything – there’s no doubt that they are unique. Therefore, you can see that more than anything else, a gaming website is the most thriving among all your businesses. Naturally, you should think of giving the most to your gaming site ‘nerd’ visitors. One of the excellent things you can do to your gaming site is to add a chat to your community and if you want the best chatting platform for your site, I recommend!

What is FlyZoo?

FlyZoo is a chatting platform which you can add easily and at reasonable price to your gaming (or any other) site and see a tremendously growing traffic and sales (if you have anything on sale). FlyZoo offers several excellent features to your chatting tool, so that visitors can hardly leave your site. They are captivated to the site (because of the chat) because they can communicate to their buddies and can enjoy gaming and chatting simultaneously, and that’s what any gamer enjoys the most!

Online Gamers – The Fastest Growing Community in the World

As said earlier, gamers are a unique community. And they also are the fastest growing community in the world. Today, because of internet, world has become a smaller place. There is no exception to this regarding gaming too. Games were earlier played through consoles. Today you can directly play online and with players from across the world! In such a scenario, chatting while gaming is almost essential and gamers love that.

Gamers not only love to chat with each other, but also love the various avatars, emoticons, voice, environments and other features (if there are any) offered through live chat. And if the chat is customizable, it becomes unmatched. When gamers can chat in their very own style and way, nothing can be more adorable for them.

Features Offered by FlyZoo

Let’s now take a look at what is so special about FlyZoo. Yes, indeed FlyZoo is special because it offers a number of exclusive features that hardly any other chatting platform offers. These features make your gaming website more attractive and more engaging.

Live Support Chat: Live support chat is an excellent feature offered by FlyZoo you can add to your site. You can get an opportunity to communicate to your customers through it and they become more confident about your website.

live support chat

Group Chats: FlyZoo offers Group Chats that are fully featured with emojis, avatars, image/video sharing with a preview, moderation, friendship, file sharing, and much more.

Embedded Chat Rooms: You can embed chat rooms in your layout and improve your site’s user engagement.

Private Chats: FlyZoo also offers private chats to your users through which they can check their previous chats, share files and much more.

Real-time Monitoring of Visitors: FlyZoo chat is of course beneficial to you, besides offering a fun factor to your site for your visitors. It offers real-time monitoring of your visitors so that you can identify your potential customers and chat with them, and thus increase your sales.

Multiple Platforms: You might have chosen any platform for building your gaming website; FlyZoo can help you embed a chat window in your site. Thus, it is a perfect chat for Joomla, WordPress, BuddyPress and several other platforms.

installing flyzoo in joomla

Advanced User List: FlyZoo chat offers highly customizable advanced user list with Friends, Group Chats and Recent Conversations.

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API Integrations: FlyZoo offers API integrations like roles, profile URL, sync avatars and more, that are developer-friendly.

Great Customization: You will be delighted with the great customization you can do to the chat windows, regarding colors, layout and features to perfectly suit your style and needs.

Responsive to Mobiles: The layout of chat is perfectly responsive to mobile devices and so, your nerd visitors can perform gaming and chatting anywhere, anytime on their smartphones and other mobile devices through various browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Moderation: You get an advanced moderation through which you can remove abusive and offensive chats and users.

Translations: The world has become small! Gamers of any language can play and communicate through FlyZoo chat, because the tool offers more than 20 languages. And if a particular language that you want is not with them, you can contact them.

Cloud-based: FlyZoo chat being cloud-based, it offers ultra-fast message delivery. Also, you need not fear about overloading of your server.

Excellent Customer Support: FlyZoo offers excellent customer support and so, you can contact them regarding any difficulty.

Multiple Modes

Regarding modes, you get multiple choice, like Side Chat, User List and Dock Mode. You can choose any of these as per your liking about how it will look nice on your site and keep your visitors engaged.

Fun Features

Gaming is about fun and more than any other kind of people, gamers love fun features, like emoticons, avatars and others. FlyZoo chats are full of such fun features so that you can give your users a delightful experience with various emoticons, avatars, uploading their own unique avatars, sound notifications, media content preview and sharing, file sharing, customization of styles, colors and features and much more.

Easy to Install

The most attractive feature of FlyZoo chat is the ease it offers in installing. You get thorough instructions about embedding the chat in your website, regardless of any platform. Thus you get great chat for WordPress, Joomla!, MyBB, Oxwall, phpBB, Drupal and many more.

installing flyzoo in wordpress

Affordable Pricing

The cloud-based, powerful and sleek software of FlyZoo is affordably priced and offers a 14-day free trial too with no need of credit card. They also offer you high savings on yearly and half-yearly subscriptions, 33% and 19% respectively. Getting a free trial and buying a subscription are easy. If your free trial period or subscription are about to expire, they send you a notification before 3 days so that you get enough time for renewal.

Don’t wait anymore for getting this awesome tool for your gaming website. It will please you as well as your gamer visitors and make your site even more popular among the gamers’ community.

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