A Guide for New Old School RuneScape Players

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Old School RuneScapeAlthough Old School RuneScape is one of the most popular video games in the world, it has a notoriously steep learning curve. This is something that new players who lack in-depth MMO experience can attest to. Game components like combat system, skills, and UI can easily confuse players so much that players oftentimes quit the game without even gaining any momentum at all. In this OSRS beginner’s guide, we’ll make things simple for you so that you can enjoy the game and not miss out on all the fun.

Old School RuneScape is available on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. If you’d like to have the mobile version, just visit your app store and type in Old School RuneScape. The desktop and mobile versions have a different look, but options and buttons are pretty much the same.

For those who have never played OSRS before, you’d be interested to know that the game is a replica of the 2007 RuneScape 2. Since the release of OSRS in 2013, the game changed tremendously. The setting of the game is the land of Gielinor, a medieval world comprised of various kingdoms, cities and races. This is an MMORPG where you play a human character that you have to develop. As you progress, you’ll gain access to high tier content.

Tutorial Island

When you start Old School RuneScape for the very first time, you’ll find yourself on Tutorial Island. You can learn the basics of most free-to-play skills, how to train them, and how to bank on this island. The first thing you’ll have to do is to choose a name for your character. You’ll then have to proceed to its customization. You can move around by either clicking or tapping on your screen or on the mini-map in the top right. You’re also provided with arrow keys with which you can change the camera angle or you can keep the middle mouse button held down and drag around the screen.

Finally you’ll be asked if you wish to be an Ironman or not. Since you are new to the game, becoming an Ironman may not be a good choice. Becoming an Ironman has the major drawback of not being able to trade with other players. This can be quite a predicament when you’re in need of essential OSRS gold.

Once you finish the Tutorial, you’ll be teleported to Lumbridge where you can begin playing the game.

Old School RuneScape Tutorial Island

User Interface

Perhaps the most complicated component of the game is UI because of the age of the game. But here, we’ll break down the UI so as to make it easy for the beginners.


You can communicate and chat with other players in the game by typing anywhere. Once you hit Enter, your message will pass on to anyone near your proximity. You can even ask any questions if you’re stuck and you’ll get an answer from anyone.

Combat Options

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This is the first icon will see marked with two swords and it allows you to select your attack style. Each of the styles will enable you to gain XP in specific combat skills. An option of Auto Retaliate is also available. It lets you fight back automatically whenever you’re attacked by monsters.

Skills/Stats Tab

This tab allows players to see their various skills and present level of each. Each skill has its own significance and priority to train as a new player. A free-to-play player has access to 15 skills out of the total 23 skills. With membership, you not only get access to more skills, but also to a lot more training methods.


The next tabs you’ll see are Quests, Mini Quests, Minigames and Achievement Diary.

  • Quests are various jobs and journeys you can do for particular in-game characters. At present, there are total 138 quests in OSRS out of which 20 are free-to-play and 118 are for members. By completing each of them, you can gain various rewards such as experience (XP) to level up your skills, new weapons and armor, access to new areas, new training methods, and even new skills. However, you should remember that you’ll have to search the internet regarding how to complete a quest; the in-game guide may often mislead you.
  • Achievement Diaries are a set of tasks you can complete remaining in certain regions and by completing them, you get rewards of untradeable items. There are 4 difficulty levels, Easy, Medium, Hard and Elite.
  • In the Minigames tab, you can select any minigame and teleport there. Remember that sometimes you may have to walk to the minigame so as to unlock the ability to teleport. It’s also possible to join a clan chat of the minigame you select to connect to a team. By doing Minigames, you can unlock rewards to train your levels or even make money if you couldn’t buy OSRS gold.

Achievement Diaries

Kourend Favor

The game has 5 Houses of Great Kourend which are regions, each of which has some features which you have to unlock to get the favor in each house. The Great Kourend is famous for its Catacombs, an enormous Slayer dungeon with numerous Slayer task monsters. The Kourend Favor Interface shows you the favor you have for each of the 5 houses. You have to complete the tasks for every house that will further let you unlock specific activities and features in the game.


The Bag icon is your inventory which contains 28 slots. A free-to-player can store up to 400 items in the bank and a member can store more than 800 items.

Bank of Gielinor


Worn Equipment Tab

This tab is for managing your weapons and gear. It has 10 different slots and one not-so-obvious slot at the bottom right which is a ring slot. Each of these slots is very important and hence your biggest priority after you make some money or buy or sell OSRS gold, is to upgrade each gear slot as high as possible.

Plus, there are Prayer Tab, Magic Tab, Clan Chat Tab, Friends List Tab, Account Management Tab, Logout Tab, Options Tab, Emotes Tab and Music Player Tab. And there is Minimap UI which contains very useful options like Compass, XP, HP and more.

We hope that the game will become simple for you now and you’ll enjoy it. Good luck!

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