10 Advanced Valorant Tips & Tricks

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ValorantIf you are trying to boost your rank in Valorant but it’s just not working you’re not getting to where you want to be in balance. In this article, we will share 10 advance valorant tips and tricks to rank up.

Tip 1: Jiggle Peeking Spike Defuses

Now the first thing that you’re not doing in your games but a lot of pros are doing and it’s a very powerful strategy. It’s jiggle peeking spike diffusers, you see when someone is trying to defuse a spike most of the time they’re just baiting they’re just tapping the spike and then they’re waiting for you to swing so that they can make a play on you the reason this is if they are fully committing to a spike defuse and they’re on the diffuse when you swing them then they have to stop defusing take out their gun and it’s just takes so long that they’re probably going to die.

This is why it’s a really big liability to just commit to an actual defusing. So oftentimes you can completely scare people off the spike just by jiggle peeking them you don’t have to have a gun out you don’t have to have anything out you can even just have your knife out shoulder jiggle peek them incredibly quickly and nine times out of ten it will scare them off the spike

Tip 2: WallBang More

Now the second thing that you are not doing enough and it’s pretty simple. It’s wall bang more especially when enemies know your location already you’re not being stealthy you’re not sneaking around the enemy know the rough positioning of where you and your team are there’s no downside in just wall-banging so many different spots let’s say you’re taking hookah, for example, you could wall bang the wooden box, you could wall bang the wooden ledge if anyone’s underneath it, you could wall bang different spots along the middle side with all the metal wall bangable walls.

Tip 3: Stop Crouching So Much

This is a habit that you might be doing overly much and this is crouching. A lot of players get in the habit of crouching after a certain amount of spray but players get lazy where they’ll turn a corner and from the medium to farther ranges they will just start crouching immediately before they start spraying this actually can become a crutch and make it easier especially for bad players to be headshotting you over and over again because you’re just turning the corner and crouching instead of using crouch as a method to control your spray in fact with proper recoil control you don’t need a crouch at all except for the longer ranges away when you’re in long spray battles.

Tip 4: Not Using Your Classic Enough Outside of Pistol Rounds

Now the next simple thing that you’re not doing is you’re not whipping out you’re classic enough to finish off kills. Yes your classic pistol pros will almost always whip out their classic pistol rather than reloading their weapon when they’re in the middle of a gunfight or an enemy can chase them the alternate fire on the classic pistol is surprisingly lethal and if enemies are pretty low you can finish them off fairly simply

Tip 5: Practice for Pistol Round

Put extra practice in the pistol round. You see pistol round is the most important round in the entire game. In a lot of pro matches, you watch them where one team will lose pistol round and it will snowball exponentially down the line pistol round can be worth many more rounds than just a singular round and that’s why it’s so important.

Valorant Pistol Rounds

Tip 6: Tracking Important Abilities and Cool Downs

Tracking cooldowns and abilities is perhaps important but it takes a great deal of difficulty tracking important cooldowns like tailwind ice wall these types of cooldowns are very important because they can fundamentally change how you play a matchup.

Tip 7: Anchor Mode

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So a common thing that happens is multiple enemies will touch side A or be near side B or be playing in default and the entire team will rotate. This is what you should be doing and this is anchoring. Anchoring is just where you just stay behind you hold the most powerful choke in any given situation and you just wait for enemies to rotate guarding their most likely rotation area.

This could be like you’re opting and instead of rotating on bind from A to B you instead just hold A main weighting just in case enemies rotate now sure if enemies don’t rotate you’re not going to be there in the fight instantly but the plus side is if enemies ever choose to rotate you’re ready holding the ankle ready to get a free kill so you’re protecting a whole style of rotation from the enemy and potentially winning that fight if they do rotate and even if they don’t rotate you’re really not losing that much only slight time.

Tip 8: Play Right into the Anchor More

It’s just controlling an area is value a lot of players think that they have to go make a play they’re controlling mid they’re controlling hookah they’re controlling showers or whatever scenario i’m not doing anything on defense let’s go make a play and yes there are times you can make a flank play but there is value in knowing what enemies are rotating through mid there is value that knowing that no enemies are in your heaven or no enemies are in your heaven.

Tip 9: Stop Flexing So Much

Stop being a flex god now people say what the heck what’s wrong with being a flex god well hear me out the problem with being a flex god is it is impossible to be good at every character yes you can perform better than the people in your game on every character sure but that probably has to do with your mechanical skill not necessarily your ability mastery there is always more things to learn more roll outs to learn more ability.

Tip 10: Mechanics

Mechanics always come first in balance and you should aim to never miss easy shots. Shots like if someone peeks you when you’re holding an angle with an op or this is shots like consistently hitting shotgun shots on an enemy this could even be shots like hitting someone who is not directly looking at you but you seemingly whiff due to pressure these type of shots are not really you versus an enemy these shots are more you versus yourself.

You could technically practice directly in a training room, practice range or whatever and you should be able to hit these shots in game.

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