Prince of Persia – Enjoy to the Fullest with these Tips

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prince-of-persia 1Prince of Persia was released in 1989 and got tremendously popular for being one of the first ones which introduced realistic and fun animations in video games. Originally it was launched on Apple II but now you can play it from most platforms, thus it’s gaining still more popularity. Here are some tips and tricks to enjoy this fantastic game to the fullest.

  • While jumping, NEVER FORGET to hold the button down. You never know when you might slip or even fall short for the jump. Also, remember to go as close as you can to a border before jumping to get maximum distance.
  • While fighting, what is the most effective is using the basic block-and-hit method. For this, hold on till your rival strikes, press up and block, and then press the button at once upon which the character strikes and gets a better chance of hitting your rival.
  • Check every room to see if there are secret passages. Prince of Persia features a lot of them, and you have to find them in order to finish. An easy way to find floor passages is to jump up and down while jumping up and hitting the ceiling can find you ceiling passages.
  • When you complete a level (after Level 2), press Ctrl-G and save the game. You can restart upon dying by pressing Ctrl-R and then Ctrl-L. This will save your lot of time supposing that you will die.
  • Don’t hesitate to explore. To win the game, you should discover every small thing in this game and should not ignore anything on any level.
  • If you want to avoid fighting the guards, bypass them easily by moving to them and thus swapping them in the other side, then run putting your sword down. In PoP1 it is not possible to fight more than one at a time unlike PoP2.
  • When you have two floors only, move to left and then right, and you can jump. Use this trick while climbing the tower in Level 12a.
  • At the end of each level, you can hit the pause button to pause the game though the music keeps playing. After the music is done, you can remove pause. This saves your time even when the sound is on (as the clock doesn’t run while the music is playing).

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