5 Prominent Benefits of Using an Ethernet Cable for Gaming

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Best Ethernet Cable For GamingFor a PC gamer, it’s a common dilemma whether to play over wired or Ethernet cable or wireless or Wi-Fi. Well, the straight answer to this question is that an Ethernet cable offers you the most reliable internet connection which is essential for gaming. The reliability of an Ethernet cable surpasses any of the convenience offered by Wi-Fi. Here are a few prominent benefits of using an Ethernet cable for gaming.

1. Speed

Although seemingly the speed offered by a Wi-Fi connection i.e. 866.7 MB/s is pretty high, the speed offered by a wired Ethernet connection with Cat 6 or Cat 7 cables is up to 10 GB/s which is remarkably higher. It’s obvious that when you are playing a game, a great speed is something that improves your experience and so, an Ethernet cable certainly scores over a Wi-Fi connection.

2. Interference

As mentioned earlier, an Ethernet cable connection is very, very reliable. Once you get the best Ethernet cable for gaming, it’s hardly possible that you’ll experience any problem. On the other hand, Wi-Fi is prone to interference which results in signal loss. Your router has to use radio waves to send a Wi-Fi connection around your home. Many things can interfere with the strength and consistency of these radio waves such as obstructions like doors, walls and floors, other wireless devices such as your smartphone or neighboring routers that are using the same Wi-Fi channel, microwave ovens or the distance between the connected device and your router. This interference can drop your game’s data which is called packet loss because the data is sent in ‘packets’ or delay (latency). Any of these can ruin your online gaming experience. A wired Ethernet cable has no such problem because it uses a physical cable to connect the router to your device and this direct connection can be disrupted by nothing, ensuring a smoother gaming experience.

3. Latency

Latency is a common thing occurring with your router. It’s the delay occurring when signals come back and forth from the wireless device to the router. However, while using an Ethernet cable, latency is much lower.

4. Energy-efficiency

C6 or C7 Ethernet cable connections consume less energy than Wi-Fi connections; so, with Ethernet cable connection, you can save on your energy bills and also be kind to environment.

5. Security

Wi-Fi being not totally secure is prone to hacking. Even if you have the most secure system, hackers can find some or the other way to connect to your Wi-Fi. On the contrary, in case of a wired network, a person can hack it only by physically plugging their device into your router.

So, are you ready to get the best Ethernet cable for a great gaming experience?

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