Useful Tricks to Raise the Height of XRocker Gaming Chair

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low Xrocker gaming chairX Rocker gaming chair is one of the most renowned brands of rocker chairs. They are so popular for a reason. Given their extremely ergonomic and comfortable design, lumbar support, perfect seat cushioning and a range of technologies that don’t normally occur in other gaming chairs, X Rocker gaming chairs are so coveted. Vibration motors and integrated Bluetooth speakers are a few examples of technologies these chairs come with.

Although Xrocker is perhaps the best rocker gaming chair, if you’re new to them it’s important to know that they have a rather lower and shorter base and hence are ideal for consoles like Xbox and PlayStation for a gaming chair, and also for gamers who prefer sitting on a lower level while gaming.But what if you don’t wish to sit on a lower level? Here we’ve compiled tips that will help you regarding how to raise XRocker gaming chair.

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Why are XRocker Gaming Chairs So Popular?

There are many reasons behind the popularity of XRocker gaming chairs one of which is their usability as a stylish home office chair. This PC gaming chair sports fully adjustable armrests, a height-adjustable pedestal base, a backrest tilt system, a 360-degree swivel and a cold-cure molded foam seat that retains its shape over time.

Another reason is its durability. It’s an ideal chair for heavy-duty gamers. Its phase changing foam absorbs heat while in use and releases it while standing up. This feature keeps you cool even during the most intense gaming sessions.

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Next and perhaps the greatest reason is the lumbar support curve the chair features due to which you get optimal comfort and support. Its fully adjustable armrests, backrest tilt and seat positioning ensure perfect positioning for you.

Another great feature of XRocker gaming chairs is their diversity. They come in the form of video floor rockers, reclining arm chairs with wireless/Bluetooth surround sound system for adults, folding chairs with Neo Motion RGB lighting for kids, and office PC chairs. So, they have something for everyone.

They also have been designed with all ages in mind. Today, content creators can be of any age, they need not necessarily be adults, they can be kids too. XRocker gaming chairs are designed to accommodate people of all ages.

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Can the Height of XRocker be Adjusted?

Actually no! but you need not worry about tipping over. The XRocker gaming chairs are so sturdy and perfectly designed that it’s very difficult to tip over. In fact, it can tip over only if you do it on purpose. But there are a few tips with which the height of XRocker chairs can be raised. 

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To make a XRocker Chair taller,

Use a step stool: You can place a step stool in front of the XRocker gaming chair and use it to get up. You’ll have to ensure the stool is stable and won’t tip over. You can even place 2 or 3 step stools on top of each other. You’ll need a little more effort as you’ll need to find a way to stack them neatly so they won’t fall over on each other. But you’ll surely be happy with the result.

Add a seat cushion: You can use seats with cushions made from gel memory foam or high-density memory foam. They can add 2 to 3.5 inches of height to the seat

Place the chair on a table or other similar raised surface: A table or similar raised surface can help you gain the extra height you need to the next handhold. You just have to make sure the surface is sturdy enough not to collapse under your weight.

Replace the seat: Simply by replacing the seat, you can easily make your XRocker chair taller in an inexpensive way. You’ll have to measure your old seat and you can determine how to replace it. Next, you’ll have to find a new seat online or at your local home improvement store that fits the measurements.


Use pillows or pieces of foam: One of the easiest ways to raise the height of your XRocker gaming chair is to add some padding to its seat. Here you can use a piece of foam or a pillow for this purpose.  Some XRocker chair can even offer a special padding attached to its bottom so as to offer more comfort. This can be a great way to add the desired additional height to your chair. 

Use XRocker chair risers:  A set of XRocker chair risers can also be a good investment if you really need to go all out. These are basically pieces of wood or plastic that fit under the chair’s legs and can add a few inches of height to your chair.

You can even use plywood: This is a cost-effective way to raise your XRocker gaming chair. When combined with cushions, the plywood can raise the chair’s height. You can do it in the same way as you raise the height of a table with cinder blocks.

Another good option is stackable bricks: It’s an old yet good solution to raise the height of your gaming chair. You’ll have to use them in the base of the seat itself. 

Yet another option is Cinder blocks: This is perhaps the best trick to raise the height of a XRocker gaming chair and works really well. You’ll need at least two cinder blocks and even more cushions to ensure they won’t wobble around.

So, these are some easy ways to let you enjoy gaming on your XRocker gaming chair to the fullest. Use one of them and relax in your chair and enjoy!


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