9 Amazing Tips to Start Playing Free Online Games

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Free Online GamesIf you always find it difficult to find the right website to enjoy free online games, as there are so many, don’t worry. There are certain tips and tricks to help you out while making the right decision.

According to a study published by Gismart, there is a 200% increase in the number of active users of games and apps since the beginning of the covid pandemic. And the World Health Organization too launched a campaign to encourage people under stay-at-home restrictions to play digital games.

The fun and advantages of digital games are well known to those who play them regularly. However, those with less gaming experience, especially with online gaming, may be a bit confused and intimidated by the outlook. To add to the apprehension, online gaming is notorious for being a bit unkind to new users. But the tips that follow will help users enter and ultimately master the miraculous world of online gaming.

1. Go Through Reviews

You might have always experienced that while searching Google or other search engine for games like Shell Shockers, the search results contain many review sites too. These are helpful for you to find which online gaming sites are the best or which ones have the highest ratings.

Often, on these review sites, players rate the games on their own opinions. Hence if one is rated really low, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bad one. It just means that most people didn’t really care for it.

You can then begin with any that appeals you. However, be prepared for a really bad one if it’s rated so. This is true even about those which are ranking high. They might be excellent and you may love playing them. But you might even not find them fun, depending on your liking.

A good thing about such review sites is that you can become their member and rate them. And your opinion will count.

2. Enjoy!

This may seem obvious on the face of it. But you may be surprised to know how many gamers actually forget it quite often. People play games to stimulate and exercise a most important organ called brain. The aim of gaming is to try new things and get new experiences without having to go through the real-world outcomes that arise from defeat and failure. You should remember that games are not meant to add more stress to an already stressful life – they are meant to relieve that stress. So, relax, take a deep breath, and enjoy!

enjoy Free Online Games

3. Play at Home

Rather than playing at work, make it a point to play online games while you’re at yours or a friend’s home. Playing at work might get you into trouble.

enjoy Free Online Games at home

4. Play the Game You Love

Although the term ‘online gaming’ is usually associated to first-person shooters (FPS) such as Call of Duty or Fortnite, or massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) such as Elder Scrolls Online and World of Warcraft, they are not the only kinds of games available.

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Some other genres available are old board games, popular card games and block pushing puzzle games like Bloxd. If you and your friends usually play poker once a month, continue it, just online. You don’t need to play the ‘popular’ game that everyone else is supposedly playing – in short, don’t get carried away with the hype.

5. Research

No matter which game you choose to play, there is no harder times you’d have to face than starting it and not knowing what the game is about. Especially games in the FPS and MMORPG genres, it’s essential to at least know something about the game before you start playing it.

Most free online games have huge online communities which are a great resource for studying the basic storyline, gameplay and the technical hitches to avoid. Before rushing into a game, go through the associated resources such as the above-mentioned review sites, read the forums on the official game site and watch streaming play on YouTube or Twitch for an hour or two to understand how everything works.

6. Add to Your Friend Circle

One of the most fun parts of online gaming is to bring along some friends. Sharing the experience of learning a new game with your real-life friends generates memories that can last a lifetime. The other side of this is that you can make new friends inside the game. The more you and your friends enjoy, the more new friends you’ll attract.

Free Online Games with friends

7. Slow

Although it depends on the game, in general, any online game involve levels of player proficiency. If you’re a less experienced gamer, you should stick to tutorial and beginner levels while ardent gamers will want to opt for tougher competition in the higher ranks. As a newcomer to the arena, maintain the levels that suite your skill set and later proceed to advanced competition. This way, you’ll get much more out of the experience and will enjoy it a lot more!

8. Make Use of Provided Controls

Sadly, similar to the real world, the online world consists of a small yet noticeable population of jerks. You are aware of the type – people who can drive a semblance of joy by zapping some of the joy out of your life. You should avoid such nasty people whenever and wherever you come across them.

Most online games provide a set of tools for blocking and reporting bad behaviour and naming the individuals causing it. Consider the identification and reporting of these jerks as your duty towards the gaming community.

9. Stay Away from Overplaying and Overspending

Several online games have a feature of ‘pay-to-win’. This may get new players into trouble. Here is how it works.

A game will be advertised as ‘free-to-play’ and all you need is a download. However, once you begin playing, you realize that to proceed at a significant speed in the game, you’d have to have better weapons, armour and probably a mount. You have now an alternative – toil for hours to potentially achieve these items or a few real bucks to ensure you get those items and you get them instantly.

The problem here is that the amount you spend for better loot the first time will just get you so far. You’ll soon find that there is even better loot just a few bucks more away and so on and so forth. Some gamers realize too late that they have shelled out hundreds of dollars on a game that was seemingly free-to-play. So, be careful and avoid these potential traps.

Games provide brain stimulus, social interaction, and a sense of togetherness. Playing games is only a natural part of being human – something all can do. Stretching games to the level of digital world is a clear way to increase the pool of potential, positive interactions. Just make sure you prepare yourself and your family before you jump in to enjoy it to the fullest.

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