Various Types of Gaming Chairs – Choose the Best One for You for an Ultimate Gaming Experience

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gaming chairs CanadaWhen you plan to buy a perfect gaming chair for the best gaming experience, you can look for DXRacer chairs or the likes because the best brand should be your first priority. You can also apply other criteria while looking for the best gaming chairs Canada for example, such as types of gaming chairs and many other factors. Here we’ll check various types of gaming chairs.

Types of Gaming Chairs

There are three basic types of gaming chairs.

1. PC Gaming Chairs

A PC gaming chair is a lot like an office chair because it has originated from it. An ergonomic office chair is a go-to choice for knowledge workers and when it comes to gaming, a gamer needs more or less the same type of chair.

However, although there are many similarities between the two, there are some important differences as well.

The first prominent difference is that a gaming chair has an extra cushioning and a bucket style seat. Plus, its armrests are adjustable to height of the player. Also, it offers lumbar support. Some PC gaming chairs also offer a recline feature and even a small pillow.
A more advanced feature is speakers built in the headrest.

PC Gaming Chairs

2. Platform Gaming Chair

You’ll realize that platform gaming chairs are altogether different beasts. They have the look of a recliner. However, they are usually placed on the floor.

Most platform chairs can rock and include side compartments where you can store game controllers. Platform chairs either have built-in speakers or headphone jacks.

A platform chair is perfect when you are looking for something that combines function and form, thus it’s great for platform gamers. However, due to its typical shape, it’s not a very good PC gaming chair.

Platform Gaming Chairs

3. Hybrid

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A hybrid gaming chair is typically seated on a swivel base which offers it the look quite similar to an office chair. However its padding and shape are the ones you often get in recliners.

You can choose more advanced hybrids too that feature built-in ambient sound speakers, multiple monitors and a range of game control mechanisms (e.g. the steering wheel you can use in racing games).

Hybrid gaming chairs are perfect for an ultimate gaming experience and ideally have everything a gamer would want. Naturally, it’s hard to fit everyone’s budget or even home décor; but if you are a hardcore gamer, this chair is for you.

More Types of Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs can also further be classified into various types.

Bean Bag Gaming Chair

Back from the 70s, bean bag chairs are becoming popular nowadays in the gaming community. They are not feature rich as they don’t have speakers, lumbar support, headrests, armrests or RCA inputs. However, they offer extreme comfort for gamers and are great to place in your gaming room. An affordable price, flexibility and lightness are the main reasons for the popularity of bean bag chair.

Bean Bag Gaming Chair

Chairs for Forza Motor Sports

Forza Motorsports gaming chairs come in a wide range and feature steering wheel support, multi-point turning support for brake/gas pedals, a special pedal/wheel support plate and an original fold-down system for space-saving storage and offer an absolutely immersive sim-racing experience.

These gaming chairs supports steering wheel and pedal sets for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. What’s more, it offers driver height adjustability and settings too can be adjusted with a knob to make the most of your experience.

Memory Foam Gaming Chairs

These are ultimate in comfort and may be a great alternative to a bean bag gaming chair. It differs from the bean bag chair in its filling which has a high-quality memory foam which smartly adjusts itself to the gamer’s contour and offers a support to exactly those parts of your body which need it the most. Because of this great feature, this chair offers gaming enjoyment for long hours without hurting your neck or shoulders.

Having known all these types, you can now make a more informed decision while buying a perfect gaming chair to get an ultimate gaming experience.

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