4 Great Tips to Maximize Your Gaming Enjoyment

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Maximize Your Gaming EnjoymentIf you are a PC gamer, you know that sometimes PCs become so much out of control that you need to take an action to tame them. But this task is not as difficult as you might imagine. You just need to take a few easy measures and you can maximize your PCs performance, and you don’t even need to be a tech savvy for this. Here are some such steps.

1. Ease Out Your Hard Drive by Defragmenting It

If by now many years have passed since you are gaming on your PC, your hard drive is definitely disorganized. Although you stored everything neatly, it’s not necessary that your data is spread chronologically throughout your discs in your drive. This is because whenever you delete something, that empty space is written by your computer and that makes everything messy. Your PC keeps track of the location of the data, but still you need to take care if your hard drive is fragmented, because your hard drive needs to work harder if it’s fragmented and thus its read rate can slow down.

To defragment your PC, type “defrag” into your windows search bar and start the Optimize Drive application. If you are unsure about whether to defragment your drive or not, choose the “analyze” option which will show you what you’ll work with. Defragmentation takes anywhere between a few minutes and more than an hour based on the size of the drive.

Maximize Your Gaming Enjoyment

2. Find Local Players with the Help of WhereYouAt.gg

Where You At? is an innovative means of finding players, events and Facebook groups in your area. You just have to enter your location in the search bar and you’ll get all the information. They also offer you tools for growing your local scene or organizing the resources of your scene. By finding players, events and groups in your own area, you can maximize your gaming enjoyment.

Find Local Players with the Help of Where You At

3. Consider Upgrading Your Hardware

While you can do many things with your software for improving your gaming experience, at some point of time, you’ll need to upgrade your hardware so as to keep up with the speed of PC gaming. The first example was Watch Dogs that introduced hardware requirements by asking for at least a 6GB of RAM. Increasing RAM is the easiest and cheapest way to upgrade your PC. However, if your GPU is over a few years old, upgrading RAM won’t be much of use. Instead upgrading your GPU will have a remarkable impact on your PC’s performance. But choosing the right GPU can be tricky as there are so many of them available and you need to consider a lot of factors too. Plus, you also have to consider your power supply and CPU since you may have a risk of blocking your performance of high-end GPU, or even worse, there would be a shortage of power for all your brand new hardware. At some instances, replacing these parts together with GPU can remarkably enhance your PC’s performance; however, if your motherboard is older as well, any new CPUs might not fit the mold and you may need to consider buying or building a whole new gaming PC. While it’s not cheap, it’s a necessity if you wish to continue playing PC games in the future. Another alternative is to build your own gaming PC which can be done with a modest budget.

Consider Upgrading Your Hardware

4. Keep Your GPU Drivers Up-to-date

Drivers are the software that enable your operating system to communicate with the hardware of your PC and decide how well the two go together. Installing drivers are critical, but you can make sure they are up to date.

By following the above tips along with finding gamers in your area with the help of Where You At? you can maximize your gaming enjoyment. So, have full fun!

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