Top 6 Benefits of Gaming for Kids

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kid gamingWhile video gaming is being proven to be beneficial in many aspects, many parents are still skeptical about their goodness. To some extent, they are right because it’s not good for children to play video games all the time. However, it’s true for anything, and not just video games. These parents would be surprised to know the incredible benefits their kids can have if they are allowed to play video games for a stipulated time and with proper supervision. Here are some benefits.

1. Games Help Overcoming Dyslexia

Studies have found that one of the key reasons of dyslexia is difficulty in focusing. One research has found that dyslexics have shown improved reading comprehension after playing games that contained heavy action. Researchers believe that the reason for this is that the games feature environments that change constantly and require tremendous focus.

2. Gaming Can Improve Vision

Sitting too close to television was supposed to be a taboo for children according to many parents; however it had no scientific base. On the contrary, scientists are finding that playing video games in moderation may in fact improve and not strain kids’ (and everyone’s) vision. A study showed an increased ability of discerning between various shades of grey after 10 weeks of play. Another study made participants play games with their ‘passive’ eye with the ‘good’ one covered. The participants showed remarkable improvement in the affected eye.

3. Improve Organization Skills and Make Learning Fun

Games like Roblox and Minecraft have proved to improve organization skills. In fact, Minecraft is also often used to teach physics concepts, such as gravity, or historic sites. Moreover, unlike other educational tools, games make learning fun.

4. Developing Leadership Qualities and Improve Chances of Getting a Great Career

Many games feature rewards for leadership traits. This may translate into getting a boost for leadership qualities and improving the chances of finding a great career.

5. Inspire Physical Activities

While parents have the concern mainly about gaming that they make children sedentary, the fact is that games that involve sports like football, tennis and skateboarding have been found to inspire children to try these skills in real life.

6. Help in Making Faster Decisions

As players encounter with new information constantly and need to make faster decisions while gaming, they develop the same habit in real life too. A study showed that players who practiced fast-paced games became 25% faster in reacting to questions about a picture compared to non-players.

And there are many more benefits! All in all, gaming is extremely beneficial for kids, and parents should allow their kids to play, provided they choose games for their kids and monitor children regarding for how long they play and how they improve. A great example of the next generation of Kid Gaming YouTubers is Fraser2TheMax, a YouTube channel exclusively for kid gaming. While your kids play through this channel, you even need not supervise them for whether they choose the right games, because Fraser2TheMax finds only the best kid games.

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