5 Strong Reasons Why You Should Get a LoL Smurf Account

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League of LegendsYou may be planning to choose a League of Legends smurf. But before that, knowing about what a smurf is may help a lot. Well, a smurf is a LoL account which has a lower ranking/level than your main account.

The term ‘smurf’ is rooted in Warcraft 2 and first emerged back in 1996. An expert player Shlonglor and his roommate Warp excelled in the game to the extent that only a few players could play against them.

They struck with a thought that if they created various new accounts under various names, they can play with everyone. They selected the names “Papa Smurf” and “Smurfette” for some reason, and thus, smurfing came into existence.

Expert people have been pretending to be nub cakes throughout history, from Grandmaster Chess players to professional singers. This proves that no matter what one’s hobby is, we all love to have pride in ourselves from time and again, and this is one of the factors that make smurfing so much fun.

Here are some other reasons of why you should get a smurf account.

1. Enjoying

You’ve probably experienced ranked burnout, when you’ve played a lot of matches so that when a teammate plays poorly, you feel done, not only with the match, but with LoL overall.

And when you win, you don’t feel very elated like you normally should, you just feel a mild sense of relief that you didn’t lose.

When you own a smurf account, you can focus on enjoying with your pals, without the stress of winning so you don’t get demoted. Do you know what kills fun – it’s the fear to fail.


2. Testing Various Strategies or Team Compositions

When you have another account, it becomes easy for you to try new things and experiment in the game without adversely affecting your main account. You can experiment with different roles, Champions or strategies.

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You might think that you can just play normal games. But if you ask anyone who has played normal games, he’ll tell that it’s not comparable to Ranked. Certainly, you can learn the fundamentals of ADC in a normal game. However, you cannot get the competitive experience and fun which a game should be about.

3. Redoing Placement Matches

Several times, you can’t wait to get straight into ranked, and this typically gives disastrous outcomes.

You show poor performance in your first five games. This causes you to play even worse in the remaining 5 games. You blame balance issues, your teammates, or anything else except yourself.

You get more and more disappointed in the game and before you know it, you’re in bronze.

Or probably you’ve just faced a bad luck; in any case, a smurf account offers you a second chance to achieve a higher ranking. And you still have your other account, if you want to use it for any reasons mentioned here.

smurf account

4. Ability to Access Rare Skins

When you choose to buy a smurf account, you can get an access to a range of cool skins. For example, if you want Judgement Kayle but can’t play in Season 1, through a smurf account, you can get it. You surely want all these nice skins to impress your friends.

5. Having a Reduced Queue Time

After reaching a particular skill level, queue times can become pretty lengthy. When queue times go beyond thirty minutes, you can realize why players might get fed up. You could finish an entire LoL match during that time. Plus if you’re a streamer, you don’t want that your viewers see you sitting through half an hour reading out donations.

LoL smurf

Looking at these reasons, you might think of getting a smurf account. So when are you getting one?

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