6 Useful Tips to Start Playing Old School RuneScape and Becoming Successful

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Old School RuneScapeDeveloped from a 2007 backup of RuneScape, the popular MMORPG, Old School RuneScape was released in 2013. Jagex delivered just what fans had been asking for – the totality of the old game to play all over again. Here’s the information which will walk you through the very basics of the game and also a few tips which will make your adventure in Gielinor easy.

1. Create an Account

Creating an account on OSRS is easy just as to buy OSRS gold from Eldorado, a great marketplace for gamers. For creating an OSRS account, you just have to open the OSRS website and click “New User” and you’ll be directed to the signup page. All you’ve to do here is to provide a display name, a valid email id and your date of birth. That’s it – you’ve created an account.

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2. Download and Login

Once you create the account, make sure your computer is equipped with the newest version of Java. You can do this by opening the Java website and inquiring which version your computer has. If it’s the old version, you’ll be asked to download the latest one. Then you’ll have to download the Old School RuneScape client.

Before logging in to your account, make sure yours is a free-to-play world by clicking the bottom-left corner button to open the world select screen. Free-to-play worlds have a silver star, while paid worlds have a gold star next to them. Select a world, click on “Existing User” and enter your email id and password – you’re in the club now.

3. Set a Bank Pin

After you customize your avatar, you’ll have to go to the Tutorial Island where various local tutors will guide you about the gameplay basics. All through the tutorial, you’ll also gather many basic survival and combat tools.

Your next destination will be Lumbridge which is a home for new players. Here too you can get some tutors who’ll answer your questions about skills and combat.

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An essential task you need to do before anything else is to set a bank pin. Doing this, you can save your stored items should your account be ever compromised. Visit the top floor of Lumbridge Castle where there is the bank and choose the “PIN Settings” option while talking to the bank teller.

Now you’re free to do anything in the world of Gielinor!

bank in Lumbridge Castle

4. Improve Skills

If you are a non-member of Old School RuneScape, you get access to 15 skills, which range from Wood-cutting to Magic. Hover your mouse over a skill and you’ll see how much experience is needed to reach its next level; if you click a skill, a guide will be opened before you about which abilities and items can unlock new level.

5. Get Quests

Quests are an excellent way to know the world. There are a range of good beginner quests in Lumbridge such as Sheep Shearer that introduces you to the crafting skill. Fred the Farmer is the person to whom you should talk to start it. Another essential quest is Rune Mysteries which unlocks the Runecrafting skills. This can be started by talking to Duke Horacio.

There is a Quest Log which provides journals of various quests which can be opened by clicking on the relative quest’s name.

Rune Mysteries OSRS Wiki

6. Ways of Earning OSRS Gold

There have now been a variety of tips and tricks with which you can earn some decent amount of cash, though the least time-consuming way is to buy OSRS gold. Here are a few:

  • Picking up any gold
  • Selling items in bulk
  • Clue scrolls
  • Fishing
  • Mining
  • Picking potatoes
  • Fletching (crafting cheap arrows from oak logs and feathers, and selling them for a profit)
  • Selling fresh crawlers
  • Flipping (buying an item and then selling it for a profit)
  • Earning from cowhides

So, are you now ready to start playing OSRS and become successful?

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