8 Fortnite Dances You will Love to Perform

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Fortnite DancesFortnite has been a huge part of the pop culture since its emergence and it’s not only the gameplay or latest updates that’s alluring.

It’s the various Fortnite’s dance moves that have made laypeople as well as celebrities passionately perform them and have thus taken over the internet.

Athletes use them to celebrate victories and gamers perform them any time.

Here are a few of the biggest Fortnite dances and tips for you on how to perform them yourself.

1. Default Dance

Fortnite default dance was the first dance move that was added to the game and it has a reference of the dance performed by Turk in the TV show Scrubs.

It’s one of the default emotes and all players can use it. The dance is with a little complicated routine and it’s a good idea to first watch it a few times so as to learn the movements and rhythm.

The default dance involves several foot movements along with arm movements as well as finger point and ending with crossed arms.

Fortnite default dance

2. Best Mates

This is perhaps one of the easiest dance moves to pull off.

You have to raise your upper arms so as to make them level with your shoulders and then dangle your lower arms from side to side and at the same time lift your legs up and down in sync with your arms. Best Mates was added to Fortnite as tier 63 of the season 3 Battle Pass.

3. Llama Bell

Llama Bell is an item shop emote which you can buy for 800 V-Bucks whenever it’s available. It’s one of the easier dance moves you can learn and it just includes moving your legs and swaying your hips while hitting a llama bell.

4. Flossing

Flossing is a hugely popularized dance move especially among kids and although it wasn’t discovered by Fortnite, it’s usually credited to the game.

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In this dance, you have to keep your arms straight with one of them in front of you and one behind, and then swing them back and forth.


5. Orange Justice

Orange Justice dance move was included as part of the season 4 Battle Pass after the game’s fans were upset as it didn’t win the Boogie Down Challenge.

The contest asked Fortnite fans to introduce their own dances where the winner’s dance would be added to the game.

Although not winning the competition, a kid who submitted his dance was admired by Fortnite players and now the dance is one of the most popular dances of the game.

It’s difficult to explain how to perform the dance and just like the Fortnite default dance, it’s best to watch it first for a few times and learn the rhythm; however, it basically involves swinging your arms around in circular movements while bending and unbending your knees.

6. Fresh

Fresh is based on the Carlton Dance from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which has taken over the internet. You can buy it for 800 V-Bucks at the item shop and is performed by swinging your arms and body rapidly from left to right.

7. Take the L

Take the L was a tier 31 reward for players who had the season 3 Fortnite Battle Pass. It’s performed by forming an L shape with your hand and placing it on your forehead and then you have to kick your legs one by one.

Take the L

8. Electro Shuffle

This is an emote that you can buy in the item shop for 800 V-Bucks whenever it’s on sale. It’s considered to be originally performed by the YouTuber Gabby J David.

This is a pretty complicated dance and includes a lot of movements of arms and legs. However, Gabby’s own tutorial is available on how to do it.

And there are more! So, are you excited enough and ready to perform those Fortnite dances?

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