7 Ways LoL Elo Boosting is Beneficial for You

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lol elo boostingAre you planning to try elo boosting for League of Legends? As you know, through elo boosting, you can hand over your account to a professional player which continues to play the game on your behalf and thereby boost your rank in the game. If you are looking for elo boosting, you must naturally be interested to know how it works. So, here is some information which you may find interesting and useful.

You should find a service which provides lol elo boosting professionals who are reliable, fast and reasonably priced. Also, they should be superior to most LoL players. Now, we’ll see how they work.

1. Difference between Regular Play and LoL Booster’s Play

You may wonder how League of Legends boosting is done. They raise your tiers super-quickly. How? There is a basic difference between the play of a regular LoL player and a LoL booster. The regular method to play LoL is to rely upon teamwork. Everyone picks a champion to play their role. The concept of the game will begin to create itself from that very point since all teammates calculate how they will rely upon each of their teammates as well as their own skill level with that of the champions with whom they are playing. This is really a fantastic thing because the game is designed upon these teamwork and self-calculated gameplay and it’s the way to enjoy the game the most. But there is a problem in this that it’s very difficult to reach higher rankings. Here’s where the mindset of an elo booster differs from a regular player. Elo boosters play to win because their objective is to win each game they can by offering their best skills and so, they don’t rely upon their teams. If they depend upon their teams, they won’t be able to reach any higher ranking. So, they exclusively focus on honing their individual skill set so as to continue games. This means that they concentrate on playing good individually on a lane or in jungle with different champions and also focus on map-awareness and individual play styles with various champions so as to be able to play any possible game.

2. They are Extremely Skilled at Creep Slain (CS)

If a League of Legends player wants to improve performance, the first improvement in the league mechanic he should aim at is Creep Slain. There are a few tricks for this, such as attacking enemy when he wants to finish a minion offering him an option to hit back and lose minion or have minion with free damage or zoning by freezing lane when you are ahead which would avoid the pushing back of the lane to the opponent’s side. Creep slain under turret is also important.

LoL minions

3. They Avoid Free Damage

Free damage is a big problem for players playing in Bronze – Gold leagues. The skill of elo boosters of avoiding free damage goes one step with creep slain, since if the player loses HP, he also loses the ability to creep slain correctly between which HP is lost during CS. The knowledge of how lane changes against enemy and balance minion slaining is acquired over time and with experience.

4. They are Aware of Champions that are Good at Carrying

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Examples of these champions are Panthenon, Katarina, Jarvan IV, Lucian etc. LoL boosting has its own meta; still there are wonderful LoL elo boosters who use Fiddlesticks or Amumu as their main preference during elo boosting. Picking a champion is not as important as the way you master some champion (but most of them skip support role and around 60% of elo pushers choose jungle or mid lane positions).

LoL champions

5. They are Aware of How to Snowball in League

They know the way to snowball in league and would keep continuous pressure on the rival team whenever they get benefit. This in turn results in further big benefit for the entire team. To continue, elo booster has to influence more than only one lane to which he belongs. For example, if he belongs to the top lane, he needs to create such pressure that rival jungler will need to protect his lane (or else he would lose the top lane turret or booster would begin wandering in mid or rival part of jungle) and even then the elo booster is usually capable of making successful one against two fights. Typically, if you get a booster, which is a mid laner, he’d use continuous roaming as a way to influence other lanes and continue the game.

6. They are Usually Powerful Leaders

Yes, elo boosters are typically powerful leaders with deep knowledge of the game process. They know when to make right calls for their team (for example, when to rush Dragon or Baron Nashor, make a trap, engage or retreat) and their knowledge can typically become a solution that can decide which team would win the game.

LoL champions Leona

7. Is LoL Boosting Worth?

Yes, League of Legends Boosting is worth in several ways, like:

  • You can show off to your friends how high you’ve climbed and then just continue playing normal.
  • If you have a low MMR, a great way to fix it is elo boosting.
  • You can have a first-hand experience of how to play high elo League of Legends. Playing against people who are more skilled than you is a fantastic way to improve your own LoL performance.

So, have you made up your mind to have LoL elo boosting?

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