Age of Empires 2: Definite Edition – Important Steps to Strengthen Your Economy in the Dark Age

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Age of Empires 2: Definite EditionAre you frustrated to find yourself working with the basic unit of Militia in Age of Empires 2: Definite Edition, while your opponent has got castles? The reason for their progress is simple – they have a stronger economy than yours. Making your economy stronger is a way to ensure you always have the resources with you so that you can do whatever you want in the game. This is especially workable on land maps (as there is no need to build navy and a dock) and assumes no civilization pros and cons of technologies and resources.

You can understand from an Age of Empires 2 guide that a typical civilization can be started with just 200 wood, food, stone and gold, and here we’ll learn to deal with them and strengthen your economy in the Dark Age.

Don’t Stop Creating Villagers

Remember that villagers are the base of a great economy, since they collect resources and create buildings. Actually, if at any moment you are not creating villagers from your town center, you are wasting a valuable time, particularly in the Dark Age (the first two minutes of the game on any civilization are very important as your performance during this time can determine if your economy would be superior to that of other players).

Age of Empires 2: Definite Edition villagers

Never Neglect Your Military

Remember that the tips you’re learning here are not enough for your success in the entire game. For success, you should develop a strong military. However, you can build a strong military only with a strong economy which this guide will teach you. You should beware of rushers that will attack your civilization in the Feudal Age, early Castle Age of late Castle Age. If you ignore military development, you will lose the game (unless you are in wonder race).

Dark Age

When you start playing the game, you should perform certain steps in a very quick sequence:

  • Create 4 villagers immediately from the town center lessening all 200 food. The default hotkey to create a villager (only after selecting the town center) is C and for town center is H. So, the quickest way to do this is to press H and then press shift+C. The shift will select 5 at a time. This is probably the most important hotkey pattern in the game.
  • Make 2 villagers build 2 houses. This will increase the population temporarily to 15, letting you create more villagers. Don’t make only 1 villager build one house each. 2 villagers building one house at a time will keep the flow of villager creation steady. Once the 2 villagers complete the 2 houses, make them build a lumber camp close to a forest (by now, your scout must have already found at least one).
  • Select your scout and watch around what you can currently see. In the Dark Age, it’s critical to find the initial 4 sheep; the earlier you see them, the better. Infrequently, you can see one of the sheep already in the fog. If this happens, send your scout to the location of the sheep. The 4 sheep will be transformed to your colors and you can keep watching for the other 4 sheep (in pairs) that are farther away, the berries, deer (lacking in some maps), two boars, stone mines and gold mines.
  • Make the other villager chop wood near the town center.

When the 4 sheep come at the town center, except two, have them place themselves just outside the town center and the other two at the town center. Make the newly formed villagers gather food on one sheep at a time (if you’re short of room, divide the shepherds approximately in half; this will be inevitable). Also, deposit the wood the other villager has chopped and make him collect sheep too.

Age of Empires 2: Definite Edition sheep

Once all the 4 villagers have been formed, research Loom. Loom enables villagers to survive a wolf on their own (this is important in severe difficulties, since the wolves become very aggressive) and to have a better health during a boar lure. Your aim should be 1:40 when you click Loom (1:45 on multiplayer because of lag).

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After you research the loom, continue forming more villagers. Make sure you are careful about your population reaching 13; you’ll have to build another house.

Age of Empires 2: Definite Edition house

Now create a mill close to the berries with one villager who is not chopping wood. Thus, the two Dark Age building requirements will be fulfilled for the Feudal Age and your civilization will be provided a secondary food source. Once you find the other 4 sheep, repeat the procedure with the initial 4 sheep.

Lure Boars when the sheep are virtually exhausted of their food. Take one villager and attack a boar. As the boar starts running towards the villager, make him go back towards the town center. Once the boar comes near the town center, make the villagers attack the boar.

Age of Empires 2: Definite Edition boar

There are two boars. Once the food count for the 1st boar reaches around 130-150, send the other villager and repeat the process.

After you get two boars, hunt for deer. You can send 3 villagers to hunt one deer.

Continue forming villagers until you reach the population of 30. Continue building houses till you can support the population of 35. You should allocate some new villagers to wood as that’s very important from the start of Feudal Age when you can take help of a complete Age of Empires 2 guide. You must have 10-12 villagers on wood.

To enter the Feudal Age, you should perform these steps and your population must be 30. Now with a stronger economy, enter the Feudal Age successfully and enjoy playing the game further.

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