3 Extremely Useful Skill Sets to Get ArcheAge Gold

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archeage goldIn all MMORPGs gold is very important and ArcheAge is also not an exception. Earlier, the easiest way taken by truly the most competitive gold reapers out there was discovering which class was ideal in taking down several mobs constantly and easily. The more number of kills they got, the more gold they could loot. This applies to ArcheAge gold too; however, there is an overwhelming 120 different classes to browse through in the game, so how on earth will one find out which class is going to help them maximize the profit? And if anyone is just starting afresh, the question becomes ever more difficult to answer.

But don’t worry. You can find the answer with the following information which has luckily been collected and produced here. It will make you get maximum profit if you want to roll a class. Here are some tips.

Gold farming classes are mostly the same always. They can do the minimum amount of harm while producing the best AOE DPS. Sometimes healing does the job of minimizing the harm, while other times a pet-tank does it or it’s done by kiting and stunning. In case of ArcheAge, you can use a combination of heals and stun locks. As you may know, classes in ArcheAge are determined by selecting skill sets of three different types.

primary skill sets

If you want to become a relentless PVE farmer, following three skill sets are best for you.


The Sorcery set has a variety of superb survivability skills to pick up from. Some of them are Freezing Earth – a great AOE snare and Insulating Lens – a protective bubble. Additionally, they can draw off huge damage with spells such as Searing Rain – a firm AOE damage ability, and Magic Circle that increases DPS output.

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Witchcraft makes a great combination with Sorcery and is an interesting choice. Earthen Grip is a rock-hard snare which can keep foe away. Enervate can increase the length of trips and stuns. When you use these two with each other, you get a very good self-healing effect. Then there is Play Dead too, which enables you to get rescued from a difficult situation fast if you pull excessive mobs. There is also another great fear spell named Banshee’s Wail.


Occultism equips you with Hell Spear to pierce enemies, whereas Mana Stars mete out good damage and decrease speed of movement. Summon Crows do solid AOE damage and also reduce the precision of enemies.

The Demonologist

When you combine these three skill sets, you get a class named the Demonologist. The three has got tremendous synergy, so don’t forget to test out everything. Nevertheless, this is the standard rotation you may use for elementary PVE gold farming:

  • Insulating Lens
  • Banshee’s Wail
  • Searing Rain
  • Summon Crows
  • Hell Spear
  • Freezing Earth
  • Magic Circle
  • Mana Stars (to pull)

Beyond this point, your enemies are most likely to be finished. Use Play Dead if you have too many and use a combo of Flame Bolt and Enervate if you are in need of healing yourself.

The Demonologist is a mighty PVE grinder and an extremely strong tool in anyone’s hand who wants to try to understand it sincerely.

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