ArcheAge – Excitement & Fun of Creation & Destruction

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video game ArcheAgeConstruct, create, build, make and attack, combat, destroy, win – ArcheAge is all about that! An extremely captivating MMORPG by Korean developer Jake Song’s company XL Games, ArcheAge has been launched in Korea and China, and will be available to gaming enthusiasts in the USA on this 16th September. This game demands intelligence, creativity, zest of winning, combating instinct and alertness on every stage, which make it so engrossing. Moreover if you can be prepared with ArcheAge gold before even the release of the game, you can start playing it successfully right from the beginning.


The world in ArcheAge is zoneless with third person view.


Along with the traditional combat settings, a naval combat is featured in ArcheAge in such settings that players need to engage in sea-land wars or secure trade routes. They need to build ships and equip them manpower and armaments. The wars can be against opposite players or sea monsters.

ArcheAge ship

Player Versus Player (PvP)

You can attack other players’ ships and destroy their buildings including castles. You can also found a city by erecting floating stones but these in turn can incur attacks by enemy forces.


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ArcheAge features a very extensive crafting system wherein everything from food to equipment can be crafted. You can construct vehicles and create furniture for homes. The more you craft, the more crafting choices will be available to you.

city in Archeage


Housing system in ArcheAge enables player to create buildings in specialized, non-instanced zones across the world making the use of a free-placement technique. You can decorate their interiors and exteriors with furnishings that can be both cosmetic as well as functional. Your choices range from miniature one-storey cottages to big three-storey mansions, the sizes of which directly affect the space needed to lay their foundations. You have to pay taxes on land on which you will build houses. You are always at risk of losing them – some or all – with something or everything inside. Most houses are surrounded by a small area which can be used for farming, with the Thatched Farmhouse having the most farmable area of any house.

Your guilds can claim a land upon which you want to build castles by purifying an Archeum Crystal on the Auroria continent. Lordship will be granted by these castles over the surrounding area and the guild’s leader is eligible to collect taxes paid on properties that lie within the area. The main focus of the castle is to protect the Archeum Crystal during sieges. If the Archeum Crystal is overtaken by another guild, that guild gets the possession of the Crystal and the castle.

ArcheAge castle

ArcheAge Gold

Gold is a very important commodity in ArcheAge which is essential for whatever you do within the game, like buying items in advance, build a house, or buy a farm field. Three easiest ways of making gold in ArcheAge are:

  1. Gold from Monster: In fact, farming gold from monster is almost a rule in every MMORPG. You should be fortunate and have huge backpack to pick gold and other items. If you find some unique items while doing this, you can become rich quickly.
  2. Gold from ArcheAge Labor: The setting of labor system in ArcheAge is one of the easiest ways to make gold. In fact, with the help of this type of labor system, you can even run a corporation. Pay people to work for your projects daily and your projects will finish soon and rip profit while the laborers get money every day.
  3. Gold through Auction House: With the Auction House you can make a fortune overnight. You can quickly make profits by buying and selling on right times. Every player can benefit from this method, but the profit is not for everyone. The AH NPC can be found in main city where you can charge and bid on items. But you should have great knowledge about the demand and supply.

If you wouldn’t like to waste so much time on such different methods to make gold in ArcheAge, there is still another easy way – buy gold from, which is a very safe, convenient and fast website for buying ArcheAge gold.

video game ArcheAge 2

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