Creativerse – Fun of Dark “Monstrous” Challenges

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CreativerseCreativerse is a free Sandbox adventure game set in a lovely yet horrible world of exploration and creation. The Early Access version of the game is available on Steam, through which you can get an instant access and play. Creativerse can be said to be similar to Minecraft but has a slower pace with more importance to management of resources at least in the initial few hours. You have to collect various resources like rock, vines, sand, sinew, fossils, wood and so on.

Just like Minecraft, in Creativerse too there are strange sounds of creepy monsters in the dark. Many monsters have glowing body parts which will freak you out because you suddenly see them moving in the dark. It’s easy to panic when those get closer to you, so, keep a light source handy. You should create excellent light sources and preserve them. If you enter a cave, you will place the light source down. When you are finished with that cave, you have to bring the light source with you, because creating item in Creativerse takes a hell of a time.

You can create only 8 things and as said earlier, they take a real time. Torches take around 30 seconds, but gas lamps – 20 minutes! If you are not ready to wait for that long, there is an option to spend points (you get 400 points to start with) to finish the crafting process fast. The number of points depends upon the total queue time. There is a research tree too, but it is quite in depth. As you go on building equipment, it comes out in the forthcoming tier of gear.

Some of the monsters in the game are really very interesting. They have especially surprising attacks. You will learn to frighten some of them and need to develop some strategies when you have to fight with a few of them. The outside creatures are pretty basic, but those inside the caves are smarter and tougher. It looks like they flee in the darkness upon getting hurt. If you try to chase them, you have the risk to falling into a dreadful pit where there is only darkness, and you hear more of creeps! As you venture downward, you meet more monsters of a wider variety.

Another strong point in the game is the audio. E.g. a cool musical sound comes when you place extractors down in a cave. Also seemingly the tone changes when you go inside the cave from outside. The audio is indeed enjoyable, not quite like Minecraft. Plus, you hear some ambient noise all the time.

So, all in all in Creativerse you need to keep crafting which you will enjoy. You get your dirt house with a door and some glass windows, and two nice areas to mine nearby. And yes, the exploration is rewarded. Keep paying attention to chest, particularly underground. Creativerse is a good value game and has a strong potential. It’s a bit tougher than Minecraft, with no map, all dark and the opposite mobs having some destructive powers. But it’s real fun with all its challenges.

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