An Interesting Overview of Uldir

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Uldir WoWIf you are a great fan of World of Warcraft, you should know that Uldir has been recently introduced. Uldir is a raid instance and an expansion of Battle for Azeroth in which there are 8 new bosses, and sizes and difficulties like Normal, Heroic and Mythic modes and Raid Finder.

The 8 bosses in Uldir are:

  1. Taloc
  3. Vectis
  4. Fetid Devourer
  5. Zek’voz, Herald of N’zoth
  6. Zul, Reborn
  7. Mythrax the Unraveler
  8. G’huun

Once Taloc and MOTHER are beaten, the raid is at liberty to select the order of the next three bosses. Once all three are beaten, only then Zul becomes active.

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Here we’ll take an overview of Uldir.

Uldir is a giant facility situated deep inside the heart of Nazmir. It worked as a research as well as containment facility to perform experiments on the Old Gods, prior to be caught into corruption and disorder.

The first encounter of Uldir is Taloc which is a two-phase battle with a short elevator pause.

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The second encounter is MOTHER which also is a two-phase battle and has the raid move from one end of the boss room to the other, gradually passing through force fields that spawn adds and deal wide damage when crossed.

Vectis is a comparatively straightforward battle, having the main mechanic depending on passing many DoTs around the raid correctly. These DoTs will jump to the nearest player once they expire and produce a permanent debuff that damages the nature.

Fetid Devourer is an encounter that is a multi-headed aberration and will check the strength of your tanks. In the absence of any tank debuff to discuss about, it fights hard and will hit the closest target to the active tank for 300% melee damage on every 4th swing.

Zek’voz is a disordered battle that unleashes an array of mechanics on the raid. Every phase will spawn various add that have to be controlled in their own manner, some requiring to be stopped, others requiring to be stunned or knocked back. This battle compels the player to continuously be at odds with themselves, with several mechanics that overlap and stop them from implementing other mechanics optimally.

Zul, the 6th encounter, is an add-control fight. It will spawn various adds during the fight that have to be collected by the tank and either AoEd down or thrown out of range of other adds, based on their type.

A penultimate encounter in Uldir is Mythrax the Unraveler that revolves around health management.

The last boss in Uldir is G’huun which is a three-phase encounter with a healthy mix of high mobility sections, add management and “Patchwerk” style DPS windows.

We hope you can make use of this information and enjoy Uldir to the fullest. Happy playing WoW!

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